2018 Sony UBP-X700 UHD Player (Will get Dolby Vision this year)

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OK, if you owned an X800, same ol same ol for menus. Few things to note:

  • Amazon App has HDR
  • They finally call it BD Secondary Audio in the menu (to turn on or off)
  • Only 2ghz wifi (hit 60mbps on the Netflix speed test which is normal for me with 2ghz)
  • In the pics you will see the drive on one of my X800's is a UPX-1 from June 17, the X700 is a UPX-2 from Oct
  • In the pics you will see the guts are similar, just doesn't have all the weighty brackets inside and the power board is no longer in there with the current design. Most of outer case is metal and not plastic
  • Only visible chip on the board on each is the Sony ARM, MediaTek is covered by heatsink

Amazon and Netflix SDR and HDR10 look great, seem to be in 24hz as usual, but someone with a Denon can check framerate and bit depth if they want. I just left everything on Auto with the X800, will do the same here. 1080p and 2160p Blu-ray look fine too. Other than a couple of small changes, just seems like an X800 that will be getting Dolby Vision (sometime between April and Summer depending on who you ask).


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