480p looks better than 1080i?

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Dec 12, 2003
I have the new Hughes HD receiver and HD broadcasts looks better in 480p than 1080i on my tv. Am I doing something wrong? My tv is a Samsung.
What model Samsung (RPTV, RPTV DLP)? How do you have connected (DVI, Component, S-Video, Composite)?

Not to be insulting, but are you sure you are viewing HDTV content when you make the comparison? If the content is "upconverted", 480p will look better than 1080i, as the increased resolution will detail artifacts in the upconvert.

Otherwise, my suggestions would be possibly your component cables, or calibration of your Samsung.

no insults taken but yes I am sure its HDTV. 480p looks great to me but I just thought 1080i should look better but it looks real grainy.
When I watch movies on HBO or Showtime HD, I see grainy picture. When I watch Discovery HD Theater, I do not. Could this be what you are seeing? If so, you are seeing the grain of the film with the increased resolution. Just a thought.

Bad (set(s)?

Either your receiver is defective, your TV needs to be replaced or you need to read your manual. 480i is sh__t by comparison.
Please reply by conversation.

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