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Jul 29, 2005
Plain City, OH
Compared the World Series broadcast on 540-01 (3840x2160 4K) with the broadcast on Fox 28 (1080i).
The colors are very similar. In the past the 4K broadcast on 540-01 had dull colors but tonight they were very close. It might be due to the night lighting. And of course the 4K broadcast is very sharp with great definition. I have not tried to see what the Fox Sports broadcast looked like on my Roku.

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Jun 17, 2016
st louis
My hopper 3 will not let me record 4k
Yesterday it did world series but tonight...no luck
And now I get error#1281
Last week I wasnt getting errors when trying to record and said it was recording but never showed on DVR list


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May 7, 2007
Hancock, MA - The Berkshires
I got to watch my first taste of 4K on the H3 the other day for the world series. Watched about 5 minutes then had to go to bed because I get up early. I thought it looked pretty good though. My son ended up watching the whole game.
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Sep 7, 2005
Cleveland, TN (Chattanooga Market)
So I flipped back and forth between my hopper and Roku for the Ohio State/Nebraska game. The hopper picture on channel 540 is clear but really dark. I know the game on the Roku isn’t HDR but is it in 4K? IMO the Roku looks better than 540.

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Sep 7, 2003
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I don't believe the football game is in 4K on the Fox Sports app today although it was supposed to be. I looked at both my Roku and FireStick and neither one is badged 4K or HDR.
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