54.0 Remote coming

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  1. If the 54 remote is voice actuated, why do you need to click Home twice. Can't you just say Home or whatever you want and the voice response wil go there.

    I just ordered the 54 remote and it shipped from Spartanburg, S.C. It will be here tomorrow UPS.
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  3. I just said menu and it popped open.
  4. I got my 54.0 remotes today and so far I am very happy with them. This is what the 50.0 remote should have been, instead the abortion it is. Love the feel of everything and the way the backlight comes on when you pick up the remote.
  5. Now if only they could start doing free Hopper 3 upgrades.
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  6. Get the right CSR and have the right story and I have seen it happen
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  7. So it’s pretty much CSR roulette.
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  8. Isn't it always? ;)
  9. I know it will not work with DIRT!
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  10. I know of at least one person that got a Hopper 3 (and a Joey) upgrade completely free. No upgrade fee, no tech visit fee, etc, etc....
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  11. It did not work with me with Dirt. $150 plus $95 installation or add monthly service fee. Should I play DIRT roulette. Been with Dish for many years, not in a contract.
  12. IK got my 54 remote yesterday. The voice control will not turn on the receiver, tv, or aux equipment. It will not control the volume. As a matter of fact, it is very limited in the functions that it will do. If I am wrong, please explain to me how I control the volume of my aux equipment. I have Alexa Echo and they are both useless on controlling the Dish receiver.
  13. Think of it more as a voice "search" as opposed to voice "control". Like Alexa, it is more for changing channels by saying the channel name, searching for shows by title or actor, entering menus/settings, etc...that sort of thing.
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  14. That seems to be quite a shortcoming. Wonder why that doesn't work ?

    This I can understand it not working. How do you tell it to control the volume ? It has to go up in increments (of what) ? Would you have to say "volume up, volume up, volume up, volume up, volume up..." over and over to reach the volume you want ? Same with decreasing the volume. Now, muting the volume should be doable but the voice command listing here doesn't mention it.
  15. The volume has numbers. Most programs I listen to at 32. So, I could say "volume 34", when I get an actor that mumbles, which most of them do.
  16. So let me see, you expect a $20 remote to be able to talk to your AVR which has no programming for it whatsoever. While you are picking up the remote to turn up the volume by voice isn't it just as simple to hit the volume button on that same remote?
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  17. A Voice remote should be a voice remote or it should state that is a very limited voice remote. It does not even control , but a very few of the Dish receiver functions. And Yes, the remote will control aux functions and turn on the tv, the remote could change the voice signal to an electronic signal and send it to the aux function that the remote already controls to adjust the volume.
    Do you work for Dish as a programmer?
  18. What he said!
  19. The problem is that I don't know of any AVRs that have IR commands for discrete volume levels. (Plenty have a way to set discrete levels via IP.)
  20. This new remote has to be picked up to be used ? I mean, you have to pick it up and talk into it like a microphone or something ?
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  21. Yes, press the microphone button and then talk.