55.5W Verticals not working ?

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Jul 10, 2009
kitchener cambridge
Hello can anyone please confirm if the Vertical channels are working on Intelsat 55.5W? Like RTP at 4100 v 2222 or any other Vertical, as i was flipping channels I noticed only my Horizontal are working, I didn't move the dish or anything just flipping through channels, did the cold kill my cband lnb or is Verticals not working on Intelsat 55.5W? anyone please confirm ?
the Vertical channels came back? is my pansat 9500 dying or was something going on with the Verticals on Intelsat 55.5W on cband?
You can almost always rule out a problem with the satellite transmission unless there are a lot of reports of the same issue. Problems with polarity usually are related to voltage issues in the receiver. No vertical would indicate the voltage to the LNBF is not dropping below 15V to the 13V range for Vertical polarity. Or the LNBF isn't swiching.
Are you using an ortho, corotor, or LNBF type feedhorn?
Verticals are coming in fine here. Are vertical TPs coming in on other satellites?

Cold has little affect on most hardware but corotor skew motors are known to freeze or stop working in sub-zero weather. They will often last for years but one day they just don't. I have used corotors in the past but gave up after the last motor became intermittent and went with a C-band LNBF from TI. I find they work very well, especially for the cost.
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