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Sep 27, 2003
This is an indication that the problem is NOT the receiver, possible weak signal or dirty power to reciever.

Odds of getting 5 defective 622 are so small as to be inconsequential - look elsewhere.

Some reboots are software, perhaps triggered by weak signal or dirty power. l4.02 for example fixed an obvious one that hit some of us.

However some are cleary due to some hardware problems particularly in some runs, ie my recently replaced receiver which regularly had regular BSOD/screech reboots.


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May 31, 2004
That's kind of how mine started. Soon after 4.01 it started but I was also getting the loud static (screeching). It got steadily worse in the next 2 months to a point where it was doing it many times a day. A couple weeks after 4.05 the screech part stopped and the reboots reduced somewhat but didn't stop.

To make a long story short, a Dish rep watching this forum read my complaints, PM's me and eventually had my unit replaced free of charge.

During the same period I also started getting the "LNB drift" messages (after a check switch) on the 622 and then the 942 started getting switch and signal loss errors too. Dish sent out someone who replaced the LNBS and realigned both dishes, also free of charge.

I hated loosing my 622's HDD contents but so far, I have not had any more problems with either unit.

I'd be glad to give you the name of the lady at Dish who replaced my 622 but don't know if I can post her name here.

I have the same problem with my current 622. I am watching it and everything is fine then the screen goes black and there is a loud screeching ear piercing static sound from my hdtv. Also when I dvr things they are recorded in pieces like and hour show will show three different recordings of for example 2o minute each. ALmost like it temp lost the signal but when my other 622 would lose the signal while recording it would still record in its entirety but the picture would just be lack and it would say a portion of this show was not recorded. Any clues?


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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
I must have gotten a bad recording 7/29 of HBO-HD John From Cinci. It rebooted many times even skipping over the previous bad spot -- it found more. Finally went to a different SD version later that night.

Hypothesis: was tuned to MAX-HD and that's 129-27, which is known for problems. Changed to HBO from 110 and problem persisted on replay. So no.

Hypothesis: bad signal on record--but several spots on a 110 channel?

Hypothesis: high temp, something like 109/128/139. Possible but not likely.

Hypothesis: disk has bad spots. Cannot check the disk. Diagnostic fsck is OK? but says 2.
I have not removed the bad recording and have not had more problems (cross fingers.)
I hate wasting 1 hr of HD but better than more reboots for now.
Should I assume it is just that recording or that it is the disk???


P.S. get freeze, wait 30 sec, reboots, wait 4 minutes, find where you were, repeat.
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Mar 4, 2006
About once every 2 weeks, my 622 will just stop in the middle of watching tv and re-boot. It shuts off and I hear it ramp up, then the "1 of 5" screen shows up.

My updates are scheduled for EARLY morning, and this usually happens around 9-11am. Any ideas? Its not the "screeching" reboot people have had.

Kinda annoying, but not really a big deal. Just don't understand why it does that.

Mine does something similar. About once a week randomly, it will freeze whatever is playing back, or the guide or whatever is on screen. After about 30 seconds, it reboots on its own. I'll probably get it replaced after my current backlog is shortened.




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Feb 21, 2006
My 622 worked perfectly for over a year. When the 4.xx softwares began, the problems started, BSOD, freezes, reboots and buzzes. I believe its 90% caused by software incompatibilities with different batches of 622s. When they get one back, they check it out hardware wise and ship it out again. Problem for somebody else then. Their software is probably so cobbled together now even they don't see their way out of this mess. My 811 got so bad this way it was useless. Direct TV will get a long scrutiny by me if they come through on their HD promises.

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