7/14 HD Cinema Premiere Movies

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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HD Cinema (105):
Dead-Bang **+ (1989, Action / Ad)


Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Summary: The race murders committed by a group of neo-Nazis in Dead-Bang are based on fact, but the down-on-his-luck, L.A. homicide detective (Don Johnson in a role inspired by a real-life cop) investigating them is the real show here. His personal life in such turmoil that he vomits on a witness, his finances so bad that he has to tape his broken glasses, Johnson's gumshoe is a study in dedicated grimness. There's adequate suspense and drama surrounding the killer fascists, but this 1989 film by John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate) is more noteworthy for a few examples of the director's stylish flair for hard action than social commentary. --Tom Keogh

HD Cinema (106): The Order of the Black Eagle * (1987, Action / Ad)


Summary: Duncan Jax and his high-tech armaments must stop neo-Nazi radicals from destroying communication satellites and re-awakening Hitler from a cryogenic sleep.

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