722k changing channels by itself


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Sep 19, 2009
Rocky Mount, NC
Past two nights at around 9pm my 722k has been changing channels by itself. Really annoying when you're trying to watch the NFC Championship game :rant:

I'm pretty sure it's a neighbor's UHF Remote for TV2 interfering with my system and I would simply change the address on my TV2 remote if I could find the darn thing. Not sure if the installer didn't leave the TV2 when he installed the system, or if we have simply lost it. We use the 722k in Single mode so we've never had the need for the second remote until now.

I know I can order a replacement but would simply removing the UHF antenna from the back of the system cure this problem?

Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
pittsburgh pa
its easy to change your remote address to a different one. do lock your receiver immediately so your neighbor acant buy a bunch of porn or PPV


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Dec 30, 2010
Denver, Colorado
Since the receiver is in single mode, it's gonna be the secondary remote address that's causing the conflict. Without having the TV2 remote, so long as TV1 is still using IR, removing the UHF antenna should ideally fix it. Otherwise you or your neighbor will need to get the secondary remote address changed.

*EDIT* - just realized the thread is a year old

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