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Dec 2, 2003
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Does the 811 have a signal strength meter for OTA channels? If so, how does it compare to other receivers?
Yes it does, but I cant answer the second part of your question because its the first HD revicer I have owned
The OTA signal meter on the 811 appears to use the same scale as the model 6000. You see it in the top right hand corner after changing to an OTA channel or pressing the view button.
Hey what are you guys getting for signal strength on you over the air channels...I get around 80 in my area Peoria IL with my 811.
50+ consistently needed to lock
50-60 will have frequent drop outs
60-65 mostly stable
65-75 good
75+ excellent should get very infrequent drop outs

Note that low flying general aviation aircraft can cause drop outs (they do to me). I also had an old clothes dryer that was emitting some UHF interference periodically every 90 seconds or so! The baby monitor confirmed it!
Thanks guys,
Just sold my OTA tuner tonight on Ebay. Install is scheduled for saturday.
Hope they have my 811 in stock :)

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