811 Roll Call: and How's it Functioning


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Sep 8, 2003
If you have an 811, let us know in very short terms how it's working. It seems the 811 has a few known issues. It would be nice to get an idea of how widespread the issues are. I'm talking about viewing quality and not necessarily the features, performance not design. If it's working great, let us know that too.

I'll go first.

My 811 suffers Dark Picture syndrome across all outputs

Analog OTA audio is left channel only and very low level

Analog OTA video is Jittery

Will not remember OTA CH 31-DT
Just finished installing the 811. No problems as of yet. At first I didn't experience the darkness problem, then realized that my contrast and brightness settings were at their default values! Opps! Did a quick AVIA adjustment and boom, there is the darkness.
Called tech support today with a litany of issues that the 811 has. The guy said they know all about them and are working hard on software upgrades.
Well, my 811's toslink will stay on even with the receiver off. My DVD Player shares that audio input with the 811 and with the 811 toslink staying on, it causes my AV Receiver to not allow the sound out of my DVD's coax digital, and DISH doesn't know why the 811 does that. My 6000 and my 510 never did that. Also the aspect thing ticks me off. No Open TV, and no local channel mapping other than OTA Digitals.
My experiences are as follows.

1. Periodically the receiver makes a loud buzzing sound similar to an old door bell. When this occurs the normal audio stops working and is replaced by a popping sound. A reboot corrects the problem.

2. There was a loss of all channels between 9413 and 9601. I loss the ability to select those channels and they disappeared from the Guide. A reboot was required to correct the issue.

3. There was also a loss of (9 Channels) local digital channels. No picture would display but the on screen channel information, time etc., would display for the selected channel. Again a reboot was required to rectify the problem.

4. Video output via DVI and svideo conncetions is quite dark.

Items 1 thru 3 occurred at different times.

This receiver is being replaced. The new one should arrive Wednesday.
Here are my list of 811 issues.

My 811 also suffers from a Dark Picture on all outputs

The program guide still only displays about 3 hours of programming.

Closed Captioning does not seem to work on HD channels broadcasting an HD program.

At times closed captioning is displayed so fast that there is no way you can read it.

Have lost CBSHD-NY and Demo channel from the program guide. Checked on my 6000u and they were there. Did a reset on the 811 and they reappeared.

At times I will loose sound on one of the OTA channels. No one channel in particular. I then go to another OTA channel and receive sound there and then come back and sound is now ok.
Well other than the darkness, though I can get used to that I suppose, given the price I paid for the unit. I hope the aspect modes get fixed. Though my mits will stretch the normal SD programming, but it doesn't look very good. Though I think the 811 looks way better through SVID than the 301.

While the installer was there at the house, he had said that he installed about 6 322 receivers. He hated doing those. Also, he was telling me all this stuff about the 811 being a DVR. He was basing this on the PVR buttons on the remote. I had to tell him a couple of times that this is just an updated 6000 not a 921. Also, they (local company) has not even done a Super Dish install. Never had training on it either. Hmmmm.
Installed Sunday afternoon by Dish..

Aspect ratio issue on my Mitsu 55" -
I lose the partial preview guide video feed intermittently...
5.1? - my Onkyo doesn't see it..

The picture is awesome - wish we had more channels - I say Charlie isn't trying hard enough..
I've been playing around with it all afternoon. In one word. SUPER!!!
No issues or problem whatsoever! HD PQ is stunning and so is the SD. Very Happy with it. And these are with component connection to my Sony XBR 34"

My 811 was installed (sorta) at 3:30pm. The reason I say sorta: I have a Dish 500 with legacy duals. The installers (2-in two different trucks) said it will work fine with that. He hooked up the 811, got good signal strength, went to the download software part and the status bar never changed.. after 1/2 hour he said I guess it won't work with the legacy duals, so he went out and put a DishPro twin LNB in. Same problem with the receiver. I said, "I hope you have another receiver out in the trucks". He replied, well I have another install, and I reminded him that he hadn't finished this install, so off to the truck. Got the new(er) receiver and it installed fine.

These two guys, in separate trucks had traveled a 60 mile round trip to get to me..

I'm impressed with the OTA HD setup. I get channels from stations that I could not receive analog signals from, perfect.

The picture is a little darker.

About 2 hours into playing with it, the receiver made a buzzing noise. I shut it off and turned it back on and the buzzing was gone.

At 8:40pm, as I was getting read to watch HD Monday Night Football (OTA), the sound blinked off!!! Nothing I did would get it working, so I called Dish and got a CSR right away that knew what he was doing, and after trying several things with setup, he told me to go to the receiver and hold the power button down for 6 seconds, or until it turned off. I guess that does a hard reset. After turning it on, it reacquired the signal and all was well with the sound.

I remain concerned about the "buzzing" noise and will really be paying attention..

So far, except for the inability to get the correct aspect ratio, I like it. Hopefully the software shows up quickly.

Another 811 update:

Second day - sound was lost again a couple of times, and reset cured that. No pops or buzzing today, but when switching channels, trying local HD and SD, I lost the picture, not the sound. Well, I didn't totally lose it, there was about an inch of picture at the very top of the screen, such as when you have a line accross the center of the screen when your horizontal screws up. Funny though, the info button superimposed the channel information properly over the 1" of screen. Switching channels fixed nothing. I began to worry that it was my tv, so I switched to DTV and full screen again.

A hard reset of the receiver fixed the picture. I think that I have more than software problems with this receiver so I got on the phone to Dish again, and again got an excellent CSR right away. After talking to him awhile, describing what was happening, he agreed that it did not appear to be a software glitch and gave me an RA number, and is UPS blue shipping a replacement receiver to me, with labels for the return of my current receiver.

Hey, I get to do my own install.. :) And set up all the timers and local channels again, but worth it as I sure don't want any surprises down the road. My trusty 5000 lasted almost 7 years with not a glitch.

Incidently, the $1.99 and $4.99 insurance plan is not available unless you have more than one receiver connected.

love it so far. I'd like the program guide to show what's on the OTA stations if possible. Also, aspect ratios need to be fixed.
OK here are a few issuse I have

1. Aspect ratios are getting to me and Ive had the system for only 1 hour.

2. Ive gotten channels to drop out and system says can not find satellite at which point it instructs me to do a switch test, I run the test and it clears up....

3. Guild picture doesnt seem to always work. Says acquiring sat half the time.

4. After programing local channels the sound turned into a high pitch digital squeak on all channels, had to unplug the sytem to correct it, hasnt happend since.

5. The picture is off center.

Havent noticed any DVI issues yet, but the can not find satellite thing happens allot.
Set up my OTA antenna and switching between off air digitals and regular sat programming always sets off the check switch button. Apparently the 811 loses the 61.5 satellite and either a hard reset or a switch check correct the problem.

LMAO mine only loses the 110 sat. I have the Dish 500 with a 148 wing sat

At least im not the only one with this issue, I hope its a SW update and not a HW problem
I'm not totally impressed yet with the 811. had it installed monday,so I haven't had a lot of experience with it yet.I have noticed that the programming is a lot darker than before(using a 5000 rec.). Maybe it's just me but the picture clarity is diminished as well. It seems to take a long time for the view picture on the guide page to work and it only goes ahead a few shows-I was under the impression it should go out longer than that. Why do I have to reboot the unit occaisionally when switching back and forth from local to dish?I hope these will be fixed easily...

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