811 Remote and Denon receiver - setup code?


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Dec 11, 2003
Is anyone using the 811 and controlling a Denon receiver with the remote? The 811 users guide only has code 674 for Denon, and that isn't doing anything with my Denon 3300. I started the procedure to discover a code, but gave up after 5 minutes of button pushing.

If you have the 811 working with a Denon, other than code 674, could you please post the code here.

I have a Denon AVR-2802, and I've never been able to operate it with a Dish remote (I've tried using remotes from both a Dish 508 and 811). I just bought a new remote, a Harmony SST-659, I've read that it will control just about anything once I set it up via their web site. I've never figured out the disconnect between Dish and Denon.

Steve Lanich
Same exact problem with the 522, I wish that either the sat box had adjustable audio out like most cable boxes or that the fricking codes worked :(

15 minutes seaching codes before giving up btw, never got the 8 flashing lights on aux light when all codes were used up.
I complained to the email tech support guys at Dish about the lack of Denon support. Never did get a clear reply, but they did say that they would have a solution. I took that to mean that they would add more Denon codes to newer remotes, or they would add an IR learning mode.

I sent dish an email here is what they said.. :no

Why does none of dishes remotes for the 301 and 811 work with the denon 1802 and 3801???



Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail. We at Dish Network strive to make our remotes compatible with all makes and models of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, Stereo Systems, and other devices such as Cable Boxes. Our remotes have a vast amount of codes that do control the majority of 3rd party equipment out on the market. Unfortunately though, it would be impossible to make a remote that has a 100% compatibility with every make and model.


Daniel B.

DISH Network eCare
htpc_man said:
I sent dish an email here is what they said.. :no

Their email should have said :

"We're to cheap to buy a new set of codes. We've known about this for years but you our customers are gullible enough to just go out and buy a universal remote so why should be bother"

Compatibality Issues?

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