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May 23, 2005
After all the movement on 82W of birds and transponders, I set out 2 weeks ago to try and figure out what was where in the HD World.

I had just about completed what I was attempting when resizing a computer partition wiped the file out and I had not been motivated to recreate it.

I had been reluctant to post some of the signal strength numbers as I was just about paranoid enough to believe they were adjusting the birds and using this forum as a reference to - making sure the max amount of southerners could get the fewest available channels.

However, a member here sent me a private message asking if I had some of the info - and I cannot see them repositioning birds and transponders just on what a faceless nick says on the internet....

That being said, I went back to using my T90 Toroidal for 82W. I had been using the 1.2M up until 2-3 weeks ago when some of the signal levels came up a few notches.

That does not mean it will be this way tomorrow - and being on the edge of signal - even with a .90 dish -it's a risk at best.

The first number is the Channel

The second number is the Service

The third number is the Transponder

The fourth number is my signal strength.


Ch Description TP Strgth
803 CITY HD 27 51
823 FOX WEST 27 51
832 VU3 PPV 18 54
833 VU4 PPV 18 54
829 VU HD DEMO 24 54
825 WGN-HD 24 54
852 SCR-HD 26 54
819 PBS EAST 28 54
824 PBS WEST 28 54
821 ABC WEST 30 54
839 MPIX HD 7 55
850 TSN-HD 7 55
820 NBC WEST 11 56
849 RAPTOR HD 20 56
800 CTV EAST HD 31 56
801 GLOBAL HD 12 58
806 CTV WEST HD 5 70
851 SN-HD 9 72
841 MC-HD 25 72
840 MHD 25 72
822 CBS WEST 13 84
860 SRCE-HD 13 84
810 OASIS HD 17 84
809 TREASURE HD 17 84
802 CBC HD 23 84
818 FOX EAST 15 85
815 NBC EAST 15 85
817 CBS EAST 3 86
830 VU1 PPV 21 86
831 VU2 PPV 21 86
816 ABC EAST 1 87
805 appears to be on 91W - and as several have pointed out, there is no real reason for it anyway.

Now.....the more astute are wondering why I posted this in terms of signal strength.

Upon checking several times over 2 weeks, the signal strength of the transponders in the 70s and 80s never changed. The signal strength of transponders in the 50s and 60s would vary by 3-5 points.

I can only make an assumption here as I have no direct knowledge - nor do I know how to get the information - but it is my assumption that the transponders with the stable signal strength in the 70s+ are off one bird at 82W and the others in the 50s and low 60s are from the bird moved from 91W.

Again, possibly someone like digiblur with more knowledge and understanding than me with BEV signals can verify those using some info in the uplink data.

And again, this could be totally wrong - and quite honestly - this week I've hit a few foul balls on E* transponders it appears :D

But to me it seems reasonable that the stronger signals are from 1 bird that does not seem to change in signal level while the weaker transponders seem to fluctuate - and the fact that there are 2 distinctive ranges the transponders fall in - point to me that this is how the channels are laid out.

Again, take it as a logical guess. If someone has definitive info, please post it. This is only an assumption and if I am wrong, I'd rather have correct info.
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May 23, 2005
Has anyone, especially in the far South, seen any difference in the signal strength of the 82W Even transponders in the last several days?

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