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Dec 22, 2017
Has anyone ever known anyone to get viewable FTA quality with an indoor satellite? I’m in a 3rd floor apartment and have my dish right next to the window. I’m using X Squared M1 FTA Satellite Receiver, standard linear KU LNB, and a universal Winegard 30” reflector dish. When I tried using the WiFi IPTV from the receiver, it gave me wrong password errors, when I know it’s right, even with the case. I asked the manufacturer about it, they said the receiver was a beta product, and the WiFi may not work. Well, my LNB is at 30 degree skew, the recommended for my area. At this point, I’m thinking of trying a different receiver, like one that’s not in beta testing. They left that info out, in the EBAY ad. I tried the dish in several different directions for the channel scan. I use iPhone apps which clearly indicate that the signal is reflecting from dish to LNB correctly for the positioning. Is it impossible to get a quality signal indoors next to a window on floor 3, or should I try a different receiver?


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Aug 9, 2004
Shooting through a window usually never works very well. It can be done, but some windows(I guess most modern ones now a days) have a UV protection coating that may not be visible to the eye but can also block satellite signals.
Other than that is still can possibly work.
What satellite are you trying to hit? You need to make sure you have the settings in your receiver to match your LNBF.
Also you need to make sure you are on a good known, current live transponder to tune with or you will never see anything.
What size and brand of dish are you using? LNBF?
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roseann s,

You said the skew is 30 degrees as recommended - note that the skew setting will depend on the satellite you are aiming at. And the skew can either be positive or negative depending on your latitude/longitude. As ke4est asked, what satellite are you trying to get? We can help you but please furnish us with more details.


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Dec 19, 2008
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The signal strength on most receivers means there is a good signal from the LNBF, your receiver is likely connected properly and the LNBF is working. Signal Quality only comes up when the antenna.receiver is picking up an active transponder. As Michael said above, windows can be problematic and block signals if there are any UV filtering etc. If you have a south facing balcony maybe try it there?
Smartphones can be somewhat inaccurate when trying to fine-tune a dish where you need 1 degree accuracy... Finding a signal can require a bit of panning around the area where the satellite is. Before you do that though you need to have an active transponder programmed into your receiver. If we know what satellite(s) you are interested in we can find some strong transponders for you to monitor for a signal.

Suppose if the smartphone shows you the position of the satellite in the sky, you can roughly aim the dish by pointing the dish's LNB arm twards that spot... then pan around a bit but very slowly. Good luck!
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