942 DVR "Recovered"


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Sep 12, 2006
On my 942 all my manual OTA DVR events are showing up as "Recovered" and some are lost even though I know they were recorded. This is not good since most of our manual events are my wife’s shows. Dish told me that it was corrupted timer info and I should erase all recorded events and start over. If this is true then is there a way I can reformat the hard drive to start over?
I think I remember this being a problem introduced in one of the software upgrades when people didn't subscribe to locals. I'm assuming that you don't? As far as I remember there was not a fix discovered other than subsribing to locals.
Yes, I don't subscribe to local HD service though Dish and wont. Why do I want to pay for super compressed HD Chanel's over the satellite. I have thought that was a possible cause and it makes me mad at Dish for doing that.
This is a bug that I believe was introduced when they allowed you to edit the DVR program names. Even if you subscribe to the locals package, if you manually set up a timer for a subchannel that doesn't have program guide info, you'll get the "Recovered" message. Note that the initial recording is fine. The "Recovered" state doesn't occur until after the nightly reboot. I agree it stinks as I didn't subscribe the locals package for a few weeks earlier this summer.

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