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Nov 7, 2003
How is everyone getting the $99 HD upgrade deal? Everytime I call and speak with a CSR I am told that the best they can give me is $350 for the receiver, even when I say I'm thinking of switching to Voom. I even got a lecture from a CSR on why I shouldn't rent Voom's equipment today.
Aren't you a farily new D* customers? I thought the $99 deal was being offered to folks that have been with them for a number of years.
Well yes I'm still fairly new, but I thought the $99 HD deal was for existing customers?

You would think D* would try to match what E* and V* offer for HD as far as pricing goes.
I have been a Directv customer for about 5 years. Called the customer retention line at 1-800-600-8977 and told the rep my suitation. I was looking for a better deal than the advertised $349 HD receiver. Inatially he offer a $100 discount from that price, I counterd saying that VOOM offers a free receiver and install. He then came back with a $125 discount on the receiver, free dish & install ($65 credit) & $10 off my HBO package for 6 months ($60 credit) for a total of $250 in credits!! I couldnt believe it!

Thier installer came out Friday had everything hooked up in about 40 minutes & now Im settin pretty with a $50 out of pocket Hughes HTL-HD receiver.

Key thing is you must speak with customer retention at the number above. I've even heard of deals for newer customers, although not a sweet as the one I got!
Man, I was pretty much told from the customer retention side that the best deal they had was $349 for the HD receiver for me because, and I quote "we have bent over backwards to get you a DVR." and I'm not complaining about that at all. The reason I'm wanting to get a deal on the HD receiver is because I really like Directv and I want to stay with them, but I want HD since we have the HDTV now and I want to maximize my investment in the TV. I even told her that if they couldn't do any better we would more than likely switch to Voom. She then proceeded to tell me that they didn't consider Voom a competitor because all they have is HD and no regular channels. I guess she hasn't been paying attention.

Kind of disappoints me that the best they can do is $349. I can't spend that much to gain at most 5 channels as of now. Not sure what to do at this point.
Neutron said:
... Kind of disappoints me that the best they can do is $349.
If you're under a 12 month commitment, that's probably the best offer you'll get. Better offers go to customers out of contract.

FWIW, I've seen Hughes HTL-HD boxes at Best Buy for ~$299. Watch the weekly specials at Best Buy, Circuit City or similar stores.
Having been a long time dtv customer... The best offer for dtv tivo was free box and install. I went back and forth with them about a better price for the hd unit, no changes, I mention dish and voom, she said they are garbage units and you would pay more for the rental. I wounder if they track your account and list offers mention to you on the phone?
I was told the same thing about the others being garbage when I called last night. The guy actually compared it to buying an Apex DVD player (DISH or VOOM) to buying a Sony DVD player (Directv).

Voom's leasing deal would take 3 years to match up to paying what Directv wants for their HD receiver.
Neutron said:
Voom's leasing deal would take 3 years to match up to paying what Directv wants for their HD receiver.

Can you please run the numbers for me on how getting Voom, in addition to keeping D* (which is what you said earlier) will be cheaper then just spending the $300 on a D* HD STB? I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something on how Voom prices their service. Thanks
I just signed up with VOOM today. The deal is, they will rent you the receiver for $10 a month - which is where the 3 year (36 month) equivalent cost ($350) of D* comes in. I will get 25 HD channels plus everything in basic cable or D* for $40 a month - with no committment, no contract. So I figure I can try it out for a month and if I don't like it, it has only cost me $50. Meanwhile I'll keep D*.
I did the same thing. I actually had a Directv supervisor from their corporate office call me since I e-mailed them and he said the best they could do is $100 programming credit. No thanks. Still not willing to pay $350 for the HD receiver to get an additional 5 channels.

So for now we still have D* and we will have Voom for the HD content. If things go well, especially with their DVR coming this fall, we may drop D* this fall.
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