A Bad Voom disconnect story...so far


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Mar 3, 2004
Im frustrated, so here goes some venting.

I was laid of earlier this month, and called to cancel Voom to cut back some monthly expenses. I called on the last day of my current billing cycle, and was told no more charges would be incurred, and that they would be sending someone saturday 4/17 to pick up the equipment(I took advantage of the rental plan). At this point, I was glad for a hassle free experience, and was looking forward to being able to subscribe again.

Saturday came and went, with no one showing up to pick up the equipment. I thought "No big deal, could have been lost in the paperwork."

I didnt call until last night to make another appointment. When I talked to the CSR, I was told I was actually scheduled for today, 4/20 from 8-noon. I was lucky enough to find a job, and no one is home at that time, so we rescheduled for this saturday.

However, Voom decided today to charge me another $95 for april. When I called to see why, I was told that my account is still shown as active, even though I canceled on the 6th, and was told no charges would occur.

Now, since the account info they have is taken from my checking account, I have to deal with possible overdraft fee's, returned checks, etc. all because they havent received their equipment back. However, this is not my fault, as I had the equipment taken down on the same day I called to cancel, ready to hand to the (un)installer when he arrives. I was here all day on the 17th waiting for an installer to come by to get it.

I cant imagine Directv or Dish Network charging someone like this. I have called to cancel with both companies before, and in both cases, service was stopped on that day, and I was not charged any further. While I understand I have their equipment, I should not be penalized or charged because they can not schedule someone in a timely manner to pick it up.

Voom has lost a customer for life. I was willing to resubscribe when we got back on our feet financially because I really enjoyed the service, but this inconveince has made me reconsider. None of what has occurred was told to me on the day I canceled. As I said, I was assured by the first CSR that no charges would occur, and the 4/17 date was set for pickup, and again was told nothing last night when I spoke to them about making another appointment.
The company is unwilling to reverse the charges now, and I am told they will only do so approximately 10 days after the equipment is picked up. So, my family and I have to worry about the $95 whole in our account, which may not seem like alot, but when you become unemployed, every cent counts. I have a few friends with HIDEF tv's who liked what they saw, and where considering voom, but now no longer will be doing so because of my experience.

Being charged for something after canceling just seems wrong. I've been nothing but polite in my conversations, but really needed to vent somewhere. Im going to go sit in the corner now and cry:) Why can't things just be simple? Im glad I have little bit of a sense of humor, or I might be going postal(was a mailman for years, so I have the right to say that!)

Enough venting, time to go enjoy DirecTV.


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Mar 22, 2004
Houston, TX
sad story. this might happen to me soon. i plan to cancel voom as soon as the nba playoffs are over. and it doesn't look like voom cares to put espn on before that. i am hopin they will atleast put tnt hd on.