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Apr 19, 2004
Hey Guys,

I move into my new house on friday and am having Voom installed on 5/3.

I've never had a satellite hookup before, always cable.

Can you explain how the installer gets the cables for a 2 room install into the house? In general do they do a pretty good job or just sloppily route the wires? I know YMMV too.

Just curious if SOP is to go to a wall plate or just drill a hole in your siding and run a bare wire leaving you to make it look pretty.

Looking for a little insight prior to the big day. Also in addition to asking for other than the stealth antenna and no diplexer, any tidbits I should keep in mind for the install?

Any and all input is appreciated.



Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

welcome. It depends who does your installs. I suggest you to speak to installer and let him know exactly what you need done and don't assume that he will do it the way you envision.

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