Ads self playing audio again

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Aug 23, 2010
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Hey Scott,this just started around midnite.Did not not "roll-over" or otherwise get anywhere near the ads.The first time I didn't even see the ad I just heard a voice plugging Sonia care or something like that.I saw the next one Soniacare again,when that stopped it switched to something to click on to start playing music,I think,the"Yardbirds".Also was a Ford truck ad that went to the same thing.These were in the ads that run with the posts.While the ad is playing it says "you're program will start in 12 seconds".
Don't know if any of this will help track it down,but just letting you know.Seems to be somewhat random.
If you see them again please take a screen shot of the ads, as I am not finding anything for Soniacare or Ford. if I see the screen shot I can tell which ad agency it is and contact them to knock it off.

I don't mind if they have sound if you roll over them or click on them, but can not stand auto playing ads.

Thanks for letting me know!
After I posted last nite I went back to see if it would do it again,but it didn't.Nothing today so far either,see what happens later.May have just been a "drive by" occurrence.
Hey Scott,I "think" I got what you wanted.An ad started playing so I right clicked,saved page as,and I have a folder with the page info and a firefox link to the folder.If I click on the link the page loads and the ad will play.If that is what you are looking for let me know how you want me to send it to you.
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