Pop up ads

You should not be seeing them if you are logged in.

People not logged in May however see them.

We are working with Google trying new advertising formats for unregistered users only.

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I still have not seen any of these ads on the "Registered User" accounts, but I have seen them on Unregistered / Not Logged in Accounts.

The only ad code that was changed was for the Unregistered user group.

I did however put in a ticket with our Google Ads Manager folks which was never replied to.

So since I am not seeing them on my test accounts, and the fact the ad code for the registered group was never change and no one else is reporting them has me wondering if something else is going on. Have you scanned your machine with something like MalwareBytes?

With that said I will submit another ticket and see if the Google Gods answer. :)
For the record, here is text from the URL that appears when the pop up occurs:



Turn off the fireworks!!!.

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