All genie clients stopped working today.

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Dec 27, 2007
I have an HR54.
I have a C61k and a C41

I also have 3 H25s

Suddenly today my 2 genie clients won't connect to the server. They both say server not found.
I did a red button reset on both of them and the HR54. No luck. All cables are in good shape and tight. NOTHING changed.

Any ideas? Maybe they did a software update that screwed things up?
That's odd. Assuming the H25s are working, can you swap one of them with one of the clients?
Well, I disconnected all the cables, reconnected, and they came back to life. All the cables were tight, not cracked. No clue what happened, but at least its working now.
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I had the same issue with the new Genie mini update, the light on the client was green but it would not connect, a couple of red button resets of the HR44 and also the client solved the problem.
I also have issues sometimes that my clients and HR25s are not reading recordings. It says I have no recordings. Red button reset on the RH54 solves it, but it happens quite often.
I agree, but from my understanding, the C61K is the only way to get 4K. Am I wrong?
Same issue here. 2 C61K's and 2 C61's would not connect to the HR54 this morning. Reset HR54 nothing -- same with clients. Searched for around 10 minutes and then connected
Please reply by conversation.

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