AMC 18 is NBC on? (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2007
Albuquerque, NM
I believe they switched to DVB-S2

It seems like a lot of signals are going that route. I was reading the latest TELE satellite PDF that quert1515 posted a link to.
I noticed that the Europeans have all kinds of cool stuff that are lacking in the North American market. Why is that? High definition, 4.2.2 and DVB-S2 seem slow to propagate in the U.S. FTA arena.


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Aug 5, 2004
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Does anyone have a list or can pm me a list of TP's that have switched over to S2 so I can program these into my pansat. Im looking for KU s2 transponders to test out my s2 card in my pansat.
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After losing NBC on AMC-18 today, I made one of those UHF coat hanger antennas.

On analog snow galore some channels, the converter box did not work no channels found. To low a signal or something. When your home is behind a mountain OTA is not as good as FTA and never will be. Is the DVB-S2 a new trend for all FTA and if so will all the old boxes be obsolete or will there be another use for them?


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Jan 21, 2007
Here's one to try ...

I was going to start a seperate thread on this, but this looks like the right time to ask you this .... it will give you another transponder to try. It's on Intelsat 905 @ 24.5W. I read alsewhere that Globovision (Venezuela) was flashed up there yesterday. 11048H 14400 2/3

The SID is 10 vpid 6544 6545 spanish. If I'm reading the listing right, this is on the beam "Spot 2", which is strongest around Florida. It indicates that it is in the clear, and that it is DVD-S2. If you get a chance, could you verify that it is DVB-S2 ? If it is, I may have to buy a receiver that does DVB-S2



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Sep 1, 2007
does anyone know the tp info on the switch to s2,I have been trying to find out if the sonicview 8000 does dvb-s2,it has the option but I cant seem to get it to work on 93w I would like to try it on ku and the new ones on amc 18
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