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Sep 17, 2004
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Do you guys think 51-60% quality is good for 12144H 4340?
I am using a 10' mesh dish with BSC 621 lnbf.

It is cloudy today and rained earlier.

someone said this tp is harder to lock.


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I checked this morning and I am getting 67-86% on all PBS transponders, and they do fluctuate that much. I noted that 11736 V is coming in at 91-93% at the same time. I am using a similar set up but my dish is a 24 year old Cosmos with a Coolsat 5000 and a DSR920 connected to it. When I set mine up for KU, my concern was getting and maintaining digital lock on my 920 and I have that. To specifically answer your question, my signal on Montana PBS is good, and stable enough to view on my big dish, which I could not attain on my 76cm dish. By the way, this mornings levels are with a moderate cloud cover.

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Nov 17, 2003
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Thats about what I get on my 30" dish for Montana PBS

it fluctuates greatly though here in time its around 40 an hour later its 75

cant test right now as its snowing HARD :(
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