Analyst: Dish could gain in T-Mobile Sprint Merger

Discussion in 'DISH Network Support Forum' started by ncted, Sep 21, 2017.

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  4. I’d be Ok with Verizon-Dish
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  5. Me too. I have been with them 15 years now.
  6. I hope for a quick T-Mo Dish deal.
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  7. I’d be Ok with that too, except that Tmo doesn’t work in all the places I need it to. With Verizon, I know that if someone’s calling me, I can be sure my phone will ring 99.9% of the time wherever I am. In the past week Verizon actually added 2 new towers along the interstate I drive often. I don’t think Tmo or Sprint have added any new towers in years
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  8. That’s the point. With Dish, I think they’d roll out more, faster.

    My 6+ doesn’t have band 25 or 71. So I do lose signal sometimes, even in Fairfax VA. But I still have a signal near Falling Waters WV. Voice, not really data. Since my wife has band 25 and better signal there, I hotspot off of her. I can deal with that for another year.

    But if Apple came out with a 25 & 71 in a few months at a price I could stomach, I’d upgrade, and give my 6+ to my MiL, who has been lusting after it.

    If somehow Apple does not offer a reasonable 25 & 71 band phone by spring 2019, I’ll be seriously shopping Android. Not likely. By end of 2018, or spring 2019, I expect the T-Mobile 600 MHz band 71 to be pretty widespread. Twice the range. I can deal with that.
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  9. I would be okay with a Dish/Charter merger. Then I could bundle my Dish TV service with my Spectrum internet. :)
  10. Only if Dish takes over the TV part of it. Spectrum TV is terrible, at least in former TWC markets. Having a Hopper3 with a cable connection might not be bad though.
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  11. Agreed. (I am a former Time Warner Cable customer.) That is why we only got internet and phone service from Spectrum this time.
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  12. Same here.
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  13. Hey comfortably_numb, if you haven't already seen the recent episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver about Economic Development, you might find it interesting. :)
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  14. Which episode?
  15. I forget which week it was from, but I think the title of the episode is "Economic Development." He talks about the Kansas City area for part of that segment, and I thought of your posts when I watched it.
  16. Found the segment. Very interesting for those who have time to watch
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