Another Openbox Quirk among (3) similar installs. Anyone with input?

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The third of our openbox/birdview combinations is acting very odd. Stopped down to see it tonite. This is the faster motor version, but problem seems unrelated.

Openbox is not passing commands for position to the Motor control Box VBoxX. Vbox is, however able to efficiently move the dish to positions via remote commands (both manual and by preset) stops fine on programmed locations.

This is a dual C-band LNB setup, serving a DSR-410 for HITS and the C-band services on FTA via Openbox.

Running same software I have, loaded multiple times, but we have no diseqc communication from openbox to motor box, signal passes fine for reception WHEN IT WORKS. So what we seem to have is a lack of command issue from Openbox to V-box.

Problem 2 is that even when we have VERIFIED reception on the DSR-410 of good signal, and we bump the dish for fine tuning, the Openbox only intermittently displays the channels on that satellite (pets, cars, etc) and more often than not acts like it has no signal at all.

We believe we have a dying openbox. I checked for switching of LNB voltage, and I know it is capable of switching as we saw 14 and 20 volts under no load while changing channels. What I don't know is if it can lose its ability to properly switch between them or randomly stick on the wrong polarity causing no reception.

Any ideas would be helpful. I feel badly because this friend/FTA convert's first FTA experience is openbox. Sounds like its time to get on the "waiting list" for the new box we all want, but I'd like ideas on this, too.

The DiSEqC commands the receiver generates consists of short digital bursts of 22khz. You should be able to see if they are comming out with a oscilloscope and compare them to a working receiver.

Even if you only have a cheapo meter with a 22KHz indicator LED, it will flicker as the DiSEqC bursts are sent.
Take the DSR-410, Splitters, and Switches out, and only have the Openbox connected to the VBox and Dish.
See if problem still exists.
Try different RG-6 Cables.
Try different FTA receiver.
Goal is to eliminate everything else.
Wish I could.
NO splitters. No switches. This is a dual C-band feed, signal verified on both feeds via swap to DSR unit. Cables are signal-swept and buried. I think we're down to a shoddy (aren't they all....but at least they should WORK within reason) Openbox S10! Will check it our more this weekend, or send my satmeter to the friend/cusomter.

Question: Shouldn't the bursts for polarity and voltage show even on the LOOP OUT? (for easiest hookup) or would it HAVE TO be inline? Logic says it would work on the loop as well.
Problem 1 - Think I'd swap receiver with one known working. Could first check on your working receiver if diseqc is seen on the loop out. Only guarantee is it's supposed to be on the LNB input jack for sure.
Problem 2 - verify that it's not a polarity switching issue. [Just a hunch]. Maybe slave it to the DSR (power pass [1 leg] splitter) S10-VBox-splitter(DC block side)-lnbf-splitter(power pass side)-DSR. Just my 2¢
Since the man who has the issues with the openbox is new to FTA, I may take him either the Visionsat PVR IV-200 or a Conaxsat trio to sub-in for awhile. (which would be better???...I loved my Visionsat).....he'd miss having HD, but there's plenty up there NON HD yet, too......that way, FTA gives him a BETTER experience to start-with! Wish I'd thought of the fact I had these when I visited him last weekend with an openbox FW update!
I have had similar problems with my Openbox anytime I slave a receiver. I get no motor control when I have something connected to the output on it. So I don't slave anything with it now. It also loses Certain channels when slaving a box so I don't slave with it.
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