Antenna in attic.....OTARD no help....HOA


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Nov 17, 2003
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yeah just put it indoors in the attic. You should be fine. When I lived in my apartment I had the antenna in the walk in closet and it worked great (your signals are stronger than mine were)
I had it going to 4 spots and didnt need a distribution amp. I'd try it first without the amp. You can always add it later
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Dec 3, 2003
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My TVFool report is similar to the one shown here. I went with the GE Attic Antenna by Jasco - actually I ended up getting two of them. Both are in the attic. One is connected directly to my Tivo - no splitter, no amplifier - I wanted the Tivo to have the best possible signal. The other one feeds into an amplified splitter that feeds out to 5 TVs in the house. I tried several antennas before getting the GE/Jasco antenna and it has worked better than anything else I tried. (My channels are a mix of UHF and High-VHF.)

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