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Mar 20, 2005
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Hey guys, I'm planning on moving my OTA antenna from the deck to the side of the house using a 10' mast and wall mounts spaced approx. 3' apart. The roof doesn't overhang on the side and the siding is aluminum.

My question is: I know there is a rafter beam near the top for the 4" lag bolts to screw into, but what about for the second mounting bracket approx. 3' down? Is there wood there for the screws to dig into?

Attached is a picture. I might mount half way from bottom to tip for easier access, but not yet sure.


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Dec 12, 2003
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Without xray vision I hope there are clap boards under the aluminum siding and underlayment under them. Most aluminum siding was added to eliminate painting. You may be able to go into the attic locate the studs and drill a small 1/8" hole through from the inside...
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Jul 20, 2005
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Personally, if I were going to that trouble, I'd put it closer to the peak. REAL close.

Can't tell what kind of backer you have there. But you can go in that attic and put a brace across two 2x4s against the outside wall, right where you expect a bolt to come thru. Drill it, outside to in, thru siding etc and thru new brace. Mount with long bolts and use large washers inside under the nuts. I recommend bolts, washers and nuts be galvanized. I have done this and was quite happy with the results.

It appears you are trying to bolt the bottom into headers. That's a pretty small target and you certainly don't want to put a bolt into the gap between the two 2x4s. It'll fail, causing damage, but not immediately. It'll fail at a most inopportune time.

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