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This is a multi-directional antenna with a fairly high gain. here is the link for the antenna itself:
I have found limited reviews around on this antenna. It appears to be pretty good from what I have seen. I am about 20 miles from two of my local stations here in the mountains and think this will be great (they are about 15 degrees apart and my 8 bay antenna has trouble getting them both at the same time).
I found the review attached below.
I live in a community that restricts OTA antennas (only allows satellite dished because they have to) so I am looking for something more inconspicuous. I am trying the non-amplified version. Any have this antenna or any experience with it?


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Here is my info:
* yellow - uhf WLOS-DT 13.1 ABC ASHEVILLE NC 276° 17.3 56
* yellow - uhf WUNF-DT 33.1 PBS ASHEVILLE NC 276° 17.3 25
* yellow - fox 22.1 FOX Spartanburg SC 288 24.5 58

Antennaweb doesnt show cbs and nbc they are about 20 degrees off, and are about 30 miles away probably light blue (i can put address in just down the street and it says I can get these stations).

PLUS, I am in the mountains and picking up these channels is much different that flat terrain (I am in a valley surrounded by 3500ft mountains.

Why do you not think this what I need? I am not sure myself, but its trial and error. My 8 bay works great. An amplified indoor antenna picks up abc but not fox.

Thanks for the link about about the FCC, I was reading about that earlier. I dont like the looks of the 8 bay antennas.


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Well, I think if I can pick fox up indoors with an 8 bay and I can pick up ABC indoors with a small Philips indoor antenna, that this will do the trick. As far as the other stations, I dont care about it as I will get all 4 networks (hopefully) when HDLIL starts with dishnetwork.


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I found this on "another" site. Looks promising:

Well, spent 2 days putting it through the grinder, so I guess the easiest way to start this would be to describe what is bad. Because in reality, their isn't anything negative I can say. Heck, even the box it came in was very sturdy, which in the past, was an issue I had sometimes with Antennas Direct.

Ok, The Lacrosse is made for folks who live within the 1- 40 mile range of towers. If you are looking to hit Chicago from Pittsburgh, it isn't going to happen. The one thing that I have always like about Antennas Direct, well 2 things, are, they are probably the most accurate at their antenna range estimates and their build quality. Assembly was simple, all screws and mounts were included and it took about 20 minutes to ensure I had everything ready for the mounting. I wanted to try in different conditions, so I had some J mounts, and cut one so I could mount this in a rotor that was on top of the house. This test was used to test for range, degree of spread and multipathing. I had a channel master 4221 up, so this was the easiest and most accurate way to make a comparison.

As you can see from their website, they have it angled up at about 60 degrees, which at the start was confusing to me. I tried it this way, then tested it again with it at facing straight forward, which worked the best, and testing it skewed to the left and right. It gives you allot of pointing options, and my daughter and 2 walkie talkies came in handy. The following is where my towers are and the wide range in spread.

red - uhf WSOC-DT 9.1 ABC CHARLOTTE NC 17° 8.4 34
* red - vhf WTVI-DT 42.1 PBS CHARLOTTE NC 25° 10.6 11
* red - uhf WUNG-DT 58.1 PBS CONCORD NC 35° 17.0 44
* red - uhf WCNC-DT 36.1 NBC CHARLOTTE NC 307° 27.3 22
* red - uhf WBTV-DT 3.1 CBS CHARLOTTE NC 309° 28.8 23
* red - uhf WCCB-DT 18.1 FOX CHARLOTTE NC 14° 8.7 27
* red - uhf WAXN-DT 64.1 IND KANNAPOLIS NC 17° 8.4 50
* blue - uhf WWWB-DT 55.1 WB ROCK HIL SC 310° 27.2 39
* blue - uhf WNSC-DT 15.1 PBS ROCK HILL SC 222° 25.7 15
* blue - uhf WJZY-DT 46.1 UPN BELMONT NC 310° 27.2 47

I used the rotor to check for signal levels and at what point I would loose certain stations as far as reception spread. As you can see, the Lacrosse claims it will also pick up digital vhf and I had a hard time trying to get it, but the end result is amusing. No matter which way I aimed. or turned it, at least I thought, really didnt make a difference. All my signal levels were 90 or above, even for stations 30 miles out. I even found one spot where I could leave it, get the towers from the rear and still keep a 90 or above signal. But still no digital vhf 11.

The one thing that amazed me was their wasn't any signal dropping. I am not talking about drop outs to zero, but that varying 4 to 6 up and down variation type. Mine pretty much remained rock solid, which told me that multipathing was not a factor. I was literally amazed, because this held true for stations close in and far out. I had copied down my signal levels of the 4221 at certain degree ranges in order to use as a comparison.It still bothered me that A.D. claimed vhf digital and one of our PBS stations, on channel 11 and I couldn't hit it..

At this point, I was ready to move it off the rooftop and down to the mount on the deck top next to my Dish 1000 for testing, but before I did, I decided to do one last thing. I had it mounted, pretty much had it just as they pictured it with it tilted up at about 60 degrees. I climbed back up and move the tilt to about 10 degrees. Pretty much just facing straight forward and skewed it about 5 degrees to the right, and BANG. My daughter called me and said channel 11 was in at 88. I was pleased.

This antenna isn't cheap, and I would urge you to get the amplified version if you decide to buy one. But it was created to blend in with your satellite installation and get away from the rooftop mounts of antennas. It is pleasing to look at, weighs around 10 lbs and I would suggest not mounting in the attic. I then brought it down to the deck and the mounting height went from about 30 feet to about 12 feet of the ground. I wasn't worried about not having the rotor, as I had found my sweet spot and the fact it did very well at picking up strong signals from the rear. I was sure my signal levels would drop, and was just concerned how much. After mounting it to the brackets that it came with, went back in the house and couldn't believe what I saw. On 5 stations, my signal had actually gotten higher. On all 5 stations I was busting 100 on the meter and this wasn't due to noise level going up. All stations were either at, or stronger than it was mounted on the roof.

I have owned, tested, thrown away, allot of antennas. Even sent back a Antennas Direct 42XG back because I felt it didn't cut the mustard for the install that it was needed for . But the Lacrosse gets a huge Thumbs up. This is the best medium distant, please remember that word, medium, antenna I have ever used. Everything they claim, is true. Like I said it isn't cheap, and just because you can blend it into a satellite installation, and the fact that is more pleasing to look at, even all that doesn't make it worth the cost. What does make it worth every penny, is performance. And it performs. My 4221 is in the shed with the rotor, to rust away. All I can say this is going to be one hot selling antenna as more try it out, but I just wanted you to know of my positive, thank goodness, experience. Antennas Direct- Thumbs up on the Lacrosse.


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GOOD GRIEF - it's almost 200 bucks. I can buy 5 or 6 other antennas that perform just as well for that price!


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Okay, I got the antenna today. I am impressed. I can compare it to the Winegard PR 8800 eight bay antenna. Right now the antenna is not mounted on the roof but rather near a window in my sunroom. It will be installed on my roof with my dish 1000 next weekend. Anyway, I dont pick up more channels (yet) but I can tell you that its not anywhere near as sensitive as my winegard. I can aim the antenna with about an 80 degree variance of the signal source and there is virtually no change in signal strength. WLOS ABC is about 20 miles through the mountains and Fox is about 21 miles and PBS is about 25 miles. I pick them all up at about 80-88 ss. Now with the winegard I cant pick up ABC and FOX at the same time. If i do, it doesnt last long. I am really happy thus far and have not experienced any of the multi-path problems that are so prevalent here in the mountains. Here are some pictures:


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