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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
I am looking to hire someone to Align my C Band dish and LNB...

My C Band LNB I had in the dish died sometime in mid December, so I purchased a new LNB and put it in today. Can get 99 West OK but nothing else...

Really looking to get 105 for the radio feeds and NBC, but would love it if I could get it to move across the arc.

My dish if off the ground and the LNB is about 15 feet in the air, and I am afraid of heights so I tinkered as much as I could while my son held the A frame ladder for me.

I do have a AI Turbo S2 meter but its only good if I know where the satellite is. As I mentioned I am getting 99 but nothing from 97 or 101 when I move the dish.

So I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing to repeak the dish and aim the LNB for me. Very happy to pay for someones expertise. Almost begged my wife to let me fly Titanium out here for a day. :D

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Aug 12, 2012
Cape Cod - MA.

If I lived closer, wasn't so damn busy at work right now and it was about 20 degrees warmer, I'd help you out. I'm no expert, but know enough and putting our 2 heads together, we cud get that dish up and running. Learned a lot here in the past year bringing my dish back to life. Maybe its time for you to do what I did and lower that dish to a safer height.
Good luck Scott.



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Aug 29, 2015
Having a dish up nearly that high myself i sure do sympathize with you. I have the added benefit of a man lift but still doesnt make life easy especially when you forget something you need in the basket and have to go back down to get it. If i were able to have my dish lower i sure would but Id lose quite abit if i did. If you are able to lower the dish and not lose signal it would probably be a good idea, I sure wish i could. Life was a little simpler in my case with a corotor as if i didnt have the dipole perfect i could just make an adjustment at the asc-1 and im able to reach all the adjustment bolts from the ground, barely, at about 8' off the ground. I think i got pretty lucky at getting mine set very close to true south too as i only have to tweek the whole assembly just a little bit to the east. If you cant reach any of the adjustments from the ground or a very short ladder I sure feel for you. Dont help that its going from semi warm to cold either. Hopefully you get some help, as i certainly know it can get frustrating. Im fighting a 1.2m dish that i was playing with about a month ago now and getting irritated, was having good luck with it back then and today no luck at all :(
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