Any Windows Phones Users Here?

Be on the lookout for problems with the Windows 10 Creator's Update not being compatible with RDG.
On PC or Mobile? Doesn't matter, it works from both, I use it on a daily basis.

When Maps showed you five locations, could you then tab a button and then have it launch a driving mode, where you get real time turn by turn navigation to that particular location, or is it just a list of directions?
Full talking turn-by-turn nav if that's what you want.

Hall: you probably already knew that my house is full of LG 3D monitors. My latest 3D titles are Passengers and Beauty and the Beast.
And SonicWall has an SSL VPN app.
I'm having trouble with OpenVPN now as the RDP host doesn't seem to be listening to addresses that aren't on its subnet. If SonicWall uses a VPN setup that gives you an address on the same subnet, this shouldn't be a problem.
On PC or Mobile? Doesn't matter, it works from both, I use it on a daily basis.
It depends on what server version the RDG runs on. Apparently the new scheme demands Kerberos security and older versions of RDG (perhaps 2008r2 and earlier?) don't support it.

Forced obsolescence is a Microsoft trademark as I noted above in the comment about Windows Phone not being backward compatible.
Two years of official support is about all you can expect out of any of these companies.

Three if you're lucky, and by that time most upgrade anyway because of hardware failure.

So the fact that Microsoft is discontinuing support for 2014 software really isn't surprising.

I don't know of many sellable Android devices that still ship with lollipop (there are some im sure).
So the fact that Microsoft is discontinuing support for 2014 software really isn't surprising.
It kinda is when you consider that there's no upgrade path for many of those that have the phones that are running Windows Phone.

Microsoft is hinting that it will be different for WinMo as it will be on the Windows 10 path, but I think they said similar things about Windows Phone at least once.
Not sure if this is a good thing or not but when I went to the Microsoft Store website, the price of the phone dropped another $100. it's now $500 for the phone and dock. We only have one Microsoft Store in the area, and it shows as In Stock. I've got to head to that mall tomorrow to buy an Apple Store gift card (BARF!) for someone and the MS Store is in the same mall. If they're still in stock I'll probably be a Windows Mobile user by tomorrow this time.

The reason I'm thinking it may not be a good thing is I'm wondering if it's been discontinued already. HPs own website has been showing limited stock for a while now, and as of now it says only 1 in stock and the price has dropped $300 in the past couple of months.
I wouldn't suggest doing what everyone else is doing, but sometimes it's the wiser idea.... Just using Verizon as my example, they list (53) phones (and some tablets thrown in the mix) as available for regular purchase today. The OS breakdown is as follows:

iOS - 14
Android - 28
Windows - 3
Brew - 3

Hell, I'm sure some people still love Blackberry too !

Not sure if this is a good thing or not but when I went to the Microsoft Store website, the price of the phone dropped another $100.

Two days ago, Verizon offered (3) Windows Mobile phones. Today, they offer (1). It's the Lumia 735 and the full retail price is $120.
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Taking a look at their website, the Lumia 735 is run 8.1. Were the other two models 8.1 as well? If so, it's not surprising they are gone, infact it's surprising that the 735 is still listed.

As far as I'm concerned, my personal preferences have me taking the only route I can. The battery on my Nexus gets more and more depleted as time goes by. I don't have the steady hand or patience to replace the battery myself, and I don't really trust the third party batteries you can find for it online for a few dollars anyhow. There is no Android phone on the market that I could see myself using as a temporary phone until the Pixel 2 comes out. The Elite X3 runs Win 10 1703 and just got a firmware update from HP earlier in the week, so it's not totally a dead product. If I get 6-8 months usage out of it I'll be happy. The other thing is T-Mobile coverage, have to see how good or bad T-Mobile is in my neck of the woods. Never know, if you don't try.
We have a franchise store around here called CPR. Stands for Cell Phone Repair and they seem like good folks. Our daughter broke her iPhone 5s screen and it cost ~$90 bucks to replace the screen/glass and digitizer. Comes with a lifetime warranty (which isn't much risk for them considering people don't keep phones for more than a few years typically). Anyway, ~6+ months later, one corner started popping up. Took it back, they asked if I had our receipt, which I did, and they said give us 1-2 hours.

Look for a shop like that, that stands behind their work and the parts they use. Even if the battery lasts a year, the next Pixel will surely be out by then.
Well I bought the Elite X3 yesterday.

It is a beast of a phone. The display is stunning, crisp and bright, it fits in the hand very nicely, and it's lightning fast. The B&O front facing stereo speakers are awesome.

I have not switched over to T-Mobile yet. I'm wifi only, and I'm going to see if I can get T-Mobile SIM from work tomorrow to try out. As soon as I powered it on, and set it up, the phone immediately downloaded a couple updates, and then upon restarting I was set to get 1703 and the new HP firmware update. I don't mind the tile interface and the Bing apps are surprisingly nice. Bing Maps is excellent, and Bing Weather is probably one of the best weather apps I've ever seen. The rest, eh not so much. Just because the same app is available on Android and Windows Mobile doesn't mean the quality is the same. The Amazon app, the NASCAR app and Fox News all pale in comparison to their Android counterparts. The Bank of America apps is nearly identical, but lacks fingerprint authentication to sign in. Otherwise it's perfect.

While I'm not much of a fan of constant notifications, working for a European based company, and having many of my co-workers travel back and forth on a regular basis, having the breaking news alerts from Sky was pretty nice. Also, I've become heavily dependent on the Google Translate app at times to translate various European languages into English using the real time translation with the camera, I will see if any of the translation apps are similar tomorrow. And so far, I am unable to connect to my work VPN. The SonicWall app beyond a disappointment, it just takes you to the VPN section of the system settings, and no matter how I set it up, it always comes back with a different error. I will contact SonicWall about this tomorrow. Their tech support has gotten much better since Dell dumped them off to be their own company again.

I have not played with the Dock or Continuum yet.


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Returned the Elite X3 and bought the 32GB Pixel XL for $570 with the free VR headset during this back to school sale at the Google Store.

After spending 3 hours on the phone with SonicWall Tech Support, nothing we could do would allow the Windows Phone to connect to my VPN at work, which defeated the purpose of me having the phone. Phenomenal piece of hardware, but for the handful of apps I use, the knock offs on the Windows Mobile platform just do not compare. I'm down to under a half an hour worth of battery life on the Nexus 6P, and can't wait for the Pixel 2. The Pixel XL will be my daily driver for a few months, and then I'll get the Pixel 2 XL, and give this phone to my wife.
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Who is getting the new iPad?

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