Who is getting the new iPad?

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  1. I like everything about it, faster processor, more CPU cores, and a brighter display.
    Also the addition of 120hz refresh rate would make video editing really nice.

    The new iOS with the new iPad looks to be a match.
    I was leaning towards the 10.5 model wifi, but I might go with the cellular one since I have unlimited data, plus you could take it anywhere.
    Tethering these days is such a hassle, plus it kills your battery quicker.

    Of course I am gonna hold off and not preorder, rather see how the early adopters do before I jump the gun.

    The only disappointing part is that the new iPad doesn't have a new Retina display with more PPi.
    Also I want to wait and see how much ram they adding on their 10.5 model, hopefully more since they are adding all this multitasking ability. 4GB of Ram would be the sweet spot.
  3. Why would tethering kill a battery faster than cell use?
  4. Because both wifi and cell transceivers are running full tilt.

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  5. But the wifi only unit doesn't have cellular.
  6. He probably means on the phone to which you are tethered.
  7. Ah!
  8. Just preordered mine from Verizon to replace my Air 2

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  9. Nice, I am thinking about ordering it from bhphotovideo online so I don't have to pay taxes on it. That alone would save me $$$$.
  10. That's the only thing with ordering it from my cell provider; paying the taxes up front. Then again I like the 0% free financing.

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  11. Woohoo! It will be here tomorrow.

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  12. Man this thing blows away my Air 2!

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  13. How does it feel holding it by the sides? Do you feel that you're worried about touching the screen with your grasping hand?
  14. Kind of. I have a case on order so hopefully that will clear up that issue.

    Definitely seems much bigger than the Air 2 to me.

    Swiping left and right is more responsive and the speakers actually have bass which I didn't much hear with the Air 2.

    I have tried scrolling up and down web pages and can definitely notice the increased refresh rate. They weren't kidding when they said buttery smooth. . Well worth the upgrade if you don't already have a Pro.

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  15. While I still have to sell my 9.7, the 10.5 is incredible, it is as fast as can be imagined for a tablet, and the latency in the pencil makes it an entirely different device. Apps that were ok with the pencil are now like writing on paper. I'm not much of an artist but the art apps are pretty impressive as well, the 4gb of ram and a10x processor provide a lot of power.

    I own a 29w USB-c charger with a lightning cable and it provides fast power charging, equally impressive.

    Can't wait for iOS 11 and will probably go beta in a release or two.

    Apple's one failure, there is no silicon back case. I picked up the Smart Cover, and luckily there is an after-market back case which looks almost identical to the apple one from the 9.7, in charcoal grey, which matches the cover, for $12 on amazon. It arrived today.

    The extra space for the screen still looks weird, but it feels pretty much like my 9.7 in my hand.
  16. I got the new ipad pro 10.5, had an iPad 2. The speed is good, I don't think I will install iOS 11.. In the first few hour, a black line on the screen, when a got a replacement.
  17. Just upgraded to iOS 11 beta4 (public beta 3). Really impressed. The multi tasking is incredible. The beta is slick, and the iPad Pro 10.5 seems like a new device, and I have only had it a few weeks,
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  18. I waited until this beta came out, and the reviews were all solid, now I might do the same for my iPhone 7
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