Anyone else's box going crazy ??


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Dec 4, 2003
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My Voom receiver is nuts this morning. Had to "soft" reset it twice and then it just reset itself minutes ago. That's new to me ... think we may be getting a code push ?
Mine was fine this morning but it started on channel 67-1 (an inactive OTA channel) instead of channel 100. I found that weird since it is the first time I see this behavior. Let us know if you are able to fix it or not.
Here's an even more wierd scenario: since the big change last week when we got all the additional channels, one (and ony one) of my two receivers refuses to play Stars 261, instead it plays either Cinema 5 or the Voom barker channel. The other receiver is happy with whatever you want to watch.
Called Voom and they were perplexed. Said they're thinking about it. I am too.

Wow, I just checked it again just to be sure and now 261 is BravoHD and 262 is: well it looks like a PPV trial for $1.00

I guess "things they are a changin'
neo0285 said:
are you saying you are getting bravoHD?

YES I AM!!!!!

Bravo HD+ on channel 261, supposed to be Starz but it's not.

My other receiver is getting Starz!!!!!
That will be a new one to me. HD Junkie, what are you saying? Bravo-HD is not active yet, are you getting it?
Wow! you crossed the twilight zone! I guess somehow your receiver got authorization to see it. What the heck did you do to do this?
Well just rebooted the receiver and now it stars on channel 100 instead of 67-1. No BRAVOHD, though :( but I guess it's near :) Hey! HD Junkie how about some pics of their logo! You are the first one to see it on VOOM.
Yeah, Sean, I was having a problem with that particular receiver a couple of days ago: it would display Cinema 5 or 10 on channel 261 instead of Starz.
I called Voom and they were not aware of anything like this so they sent me a "hit." Nothing happened and I called back later.
They said they were escalating my concern to higher authorities and I guess today someone did something 'cause not only am I getting Bravo HD+ on channel 261, I'm also getting pay per view for $1.00 on channel 262!!!!!!
Sean, I'm having trouble uploading two JPEGS i just took for you.

PPV says Darkness Falls is playing (channel 262) but it's only graphics as the movie hasn't started yet or you I have to pay and I don't have a phone line connected to the receiver yet.

I'll email the pics to you if you like.
Here's are the pics of Bravo-HD from HD Junkie.

This proves that Bravo-HD+ is loaded in the Satellite. I hope you get hit with INHD 1 or 2.


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day late, dollar short, but if it helps, thru private emails with wilt and other members near the mouse house we were expecting a mapping hit late mon - early tues, which by the way did put up CBS for me at least even though the radar and broadcast feeds are switched, i did experience the ppv but my sometimers disease prevents me from remembering the channel...i really thought the whole thing was due to atmospherics, signal loss here in fl due to this storm had me go plan b, my nose in a book and turn on the XM, so how does that signal get thru>????!!!!
HD Junkie,

Carefully step through each channel and see if anything else is there. You may be giving us a sneak peak into the future. You can bet we'll get Bravo or it wouldn't be on the system for you.
I did get two new OTA locals showw up Tuesday. Didn't think to mention it since it was just my local putblic TV channels.
I got four new PBS affiliates ... my box is still nuts though. It's locking up every 15 minutes or so (after having zero lock-ups since mid-December). Crap.

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