Anyone with a 4DTV DSR920 and software "61"?

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Jul 16, 2004
In another post here I'm having trouble getting my DSR920 to upgrade to "6D".

The reason I want to upgrade is because I'm missing satellite "X4".

Can someone with one of these units check 2 things for me please:

1) Do you see (or are you using) "X4" in the satellite setup options - it is a Ku satellite so you'll need to tell the DSR920 it has Ku capabilities

2) Do you have Diasgnostic screens "F" & "G" - To check hit OPTIONS-6-0-5 and cycle through the screens with the left/right arrows.

I'd be grateful for feedback on this.

I have a 920 and use it. I'm getting X4 with no problems. The #"H. Current Version: 0000006D" is what I have. I also have the "F & G" screens and I use F often.
But, I don't know how to force an upgrade from the Version "61" to "6D". You may need to contact a provider and see if they can help you? Or contact Motorola and see what they will do? You could also contact these people:
And see if they can help?

I called ATS, they had this to say:

"You need version 6D to be able to get X4. It will also allow you to use the volume control and make the unit a little less sluggish. We can update the firmware and install any other updates and a fresh battery for $55 labor + parts + S&H. Just call or fill out the repair form on our website and we'll issue an RA number for it."

So there we go!
I notice on other forums sites about the 920:
That some 920 owners have the "61" software and some like Voomvoom and me have the "6D" software. I wonder that those who have the "61" software own the first batches of the 920 series while I and others who have the "6D" software have the later batches?
I too get the X4 bird and have great use of this receiver.
I've had mine for years, and it had "61" at some point, and I think it had another version before "61" (I think), and maybe even another one before that? There was a time, when Motorola gave updates like they give the program guide now. The last change of that type, that I remember them giving, was when T7 failed and they moved everything to T13, and renamed T13 to T7, in the 4dtv. Motorola could do this again, if they would. They could even rename the Sats, to there correct names, if they would? But, don't hold your breath!

No X4

I 've got a model 905 "Sidecar", this morning turned it on hit (sat) when the chart came up it no longer had X4 on it, does any one know what might have happened!
I 've got a model 905 "Sidecar", this morning turned it on hit (sat) when the chart came up it no longer had X4 on it, does any one know what might have happened!

:confused: Your guess is as good as mine. Sounds like a computer glitch, have your programmer rehit you and download the channel maps again.
Please reply by conversation.

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