Can anyone help me identify this dish?

N5MBM Bill

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Oct 6, 2023
Chappell Hill, TX
Can anyone help me identify this 10 ft. fiberglass dish I just pulled out of the woods? It has these labels on each petal down in one corner...

I am figuring that it is a 48 inch focal point dish? With a beam width of 1.45 degrees? Does that sound right?

What are the numbers up on top?

I spent over 6 hours power washing parts and my arms feel like they are about to fall off! But the restoration project has begun!

Welcome to the forum, Bill!

F TO D means f/D=0.4
Combined with f=48", means D = 120" = 10 feet.
So far so good.

Don't know about the "410", or your other questions, though.

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New pics of the project. The LNB support, this isn't a "Buttonhook" style - what would you call it? This is after being cleaned up to remove all that weathered aluminum corrosion and painted with some Rustoleum aluminum paint.

And after many hours of power washing, the paint project has begun - it was kinda fugly... ONE can of spray paint got me a light coat this far... Now I'm thinking a foam roller and a can of paint would work better. That means it may take 20 cans of spray paint to do all four petals? LOL This is gonna be fun.

But it already looks better than it did - but I am not a big fan of the WHITE... It's like too white... LOL

Like a blank canvas...


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