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Nov 25, 2003
The time had come, I had to make the trip to my local Apple Store to recycle some iDevices that I had sitting around for some time. Mrs. Foxbat got a new iPad Air for Christmas 2019 and I had been using her old one even though it wouldn’t go past iOS 13. Plus, my Mother-in-Law was in a similar situation so she had recently upgraded to the new iPad from an Air. I had my old iPhone 6, and Mrs. Foxbat had inherited the iPhone X from our son, replacing her iPhone SE. Finally, my in-Laws had a pair of iPods Touch that they used for Apps, but abandoned them after moving to iPads, and a dead iPad charging brick.

The process was more involved than I remembered, even though I had turned off “Find My” and reset them to Factory, the Apple Sales Associate needed the serial numbers and had to answer on whether it would power on or not. Everything still worked, so that wasn’t a problem, but the two iPods used 30-pin dock connectors and would have been problematic if they hadn’t powered up due to low state of charge.

While the Sales Associate was squinting at the backs of the iDevices to read the serial numbers, I took a look at the new M1 iMacs and the iPhone 12 Pro. My current iPhone 8 is coming up on three years and I am hoping that the 12 Pro will drop $100 after the next iPhone is announced in ?? days. It is bigger than my iPhone 8 which would mean making changes once again to the parcel shelf in my Escape to allow it to fit, or I would need to come up with an alternate location to hold the phone when using it for trip navigation.

Anyway, Labor Day was also the day we got rid of some CFL and fluorescent stick bulbs. Lowe’s accepts the CFL bulbs but not the sticks (at least at my store) but fortunately the Batteries+Bulbs does, and since I had an APC 12V Gel battery I needed to recycle, that worked out perfectly.

Final bit of Labor Day Recycling: I used the “Mulch” setting on my mower when I cut the grass! :)
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The Apple "California Streaming" event is September 14th.

While I will probably upgrade to an iPhone 13 Pro Max as I am finding it hard to see my iPhone 11 I am most interesting in a new Apple Watch as I have a series 4 now.

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Even with my failing eyes I haven’t reached to point where I need or want the Max screen size. I try to keep my phones for three years now so hopefully that doesn’t become a problem with me in that time.

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