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Jul 17, 2009
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For those that want to manage streaming a little more, here’s a couple of things I’ve discovered that make it possible.

Using the AppleTV app on the ATV shows you watch on some of the ‘channel’ apps, Hulu and others show up in the ‘up next’ strip inside that app. Assuming you use that app for ‘up next’ you can go into Settings —>Apps—>AppleTV and make that be the top strip instead of the ‘what to watch’ which is the default.

And for instance, if you have a Hulu no ad subscription and watch the various new shows the next day when they show up in Hulu, you can control where the ‘up next’ is pointing to somewhat.

Inside Settings—>Apps is a list of all the apps that connect to the AppleTV app, and that is where it gets that info from. But often we have Hulu and the actual channel app. In that case, if the show turns up on the ‘channels’ app first, that is what it will show in ‘up next’. The solution is to turn off the connection to that app. The app will still work, it just won’t communicate with the AppleTV app.

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