Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 15

Perhaps this is part of the weather app fix promised for the iOS 17.2 update. That and the on-again off-again Wi-fi issue.
I guess someone must have said something, and Apple didn’t wait for the next bump in features to 17.2:
When the "certain cars" is a brand name from Bavaria, they need to get it fixed. The customer bases have many commonalities.

This isn't the first instance in iOS 17's relatively short life in the wild that has been moved up in the queue from its planned release.

Apple's software quality testing regimen seems to be underperforming. Like a certain DBS CE program, the bugs just aren't getting discovered by the testing release users.

Then again, I'm betting all of the pundits and vloggers are a dagger in Apple's side by ensuring everyone knows every little thing that's not right.
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It rarely snows where I am. If it does, I doubt anyone will need a widget on their phone to know it. Why is such a thing even necessary or desirable?
The widget, if installed, shows the local conditions. Current temp, predicted high and low, etc.

So you know how to dress and what to prepare for in terms of traffic and/or closures. The presence of snow has a significant impact on Winter life in many areas.
Thanks guys. I understand the purpose of a weather app. Just don't see the need for animated snow on the phone screen. I could look out the window for that.
Maybe I shouldn’t have an Otterbox Defender on my 15?

Certainly gets way warmer than any I had before.
What is it about Apple that they continue to ignore battery life with each new OS release??? Will overheating be the new bane or will it share with poor battery life?

This certainly isn't becoming of a company that trades on "it just works".
I normally use an Anker wireless charger overnight. Now, with the new iPhone, I don’t even need to charge every night.
They have included a USB-C charging cable for a couple series now for fast charging. Supposed to take less then an hour. I don't use mine for sleep tracking, have a Fitbit Charge for that.

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