Are you planning to upgrade to the iPhone 15

Discovered a limitation with the iphone 15 shooting 3D Spatial Video. Normally with the spatial video off, the iphone 15 will do really good image stabilization but in 3D that does not work. Neither does the zoom feature. I was shooting hand held for the Hiro show but was seated in a single chair near the front so I could be fairly steady with the camera. However, I shot the Ice skating show seated in a row of seats and a big fat lady a few seats down with a restless leg syndrome caused the whole row of seats to shake. I uploaded the 3D version that shows the shaky camera.
Adobe Premiere Pro has a feature I never used before called Warp Stabilizer that did a pretty good job of stabilizing the image. It doubled the rendering time which was expected but it also reduced the frame size from 4K HD to 2K HD.
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