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Everyone always talks about charging overnight but that's out the window if you want to use these kinds of features (especially sleep apnea monitoring).
My new Ultra 2 battery is so good, I now can use the sleep every night since I only need to give a little boost charge while in the shower and getting dressed. For example, like this week I start out Sunday with the watch at 100% in the morning as I left it in charge for 3 hours. So, by Friday my watch was down to 19% by 6PM so I gave it an additional 30 minute boost. It's now at 49%. I will probably put it on the charger for a full 100% Sunday morning again. Got it down to a routine. In the settings I saw that my Tesla App that is running all the time is the highest consumption at 28%.
Got it down to a routine. In the settings I saw that my Tesla App that is running all the time is the highest consumption at 28%.
If you were to add more monitoring apps (especially ones that involve sensors in/on the watch), the charging frequency would logically increase.

The jack-of-all-trades approach may not be the best for those who have no monitoring concerns or those who have many.
The jack-of-all-trades approach may not be the best for those who have no monitoring concerns or those who have many.
I'm only a jack of the trades I need to be. For example, the Ultra 2 has some really nice capability for scuba diving. But since I'm no longer diving for pleasure or professionally, that feature set is of no interest to me other than curiosity so those will never impact my use or battery drain. The Tesla app is the greatest drain as I have it running 24/7 for instant access to my two Teslas. I monitor the battery charge in the Teslas. I also have the stock actively polling the market constantly and this seems to be the second drain on the battery. But neither seems to be severe enough to complain about. It's like charging a Tesla on a road trip. I do it when I need a break from driving for food or restroom stop or overnight when I am at the hotel. I charge my AW when I don't need to be using it, like in the shower in the morning.
I would imaging most people complaining don't even think how inefficiently they use these rechargeable devices.
Regarding sleep tracking with the Apple Watch, I find that I can go two days of normal use before needing to charge. watchOS warns you if you’re approaching your sleep time and the battery level won’t make it until morning.

But usually I can wake up, log my daily meditation, shave, then charge while I’m taking my shower. When I take the watch off the charger, I’m usually pretty close to 100%.
Showing the physical differences and explaining the theory is no substitute for real live performance testing.

The same can be said of much of the column inches devoted to CCA .vs. SCC cable or active .vs. passive HDMI cables.
Also, Apple Thunderbolt IV vs. Amazon Basics USB v3.1 is almost the literal definition of an Apples to Oranges comparison… ;) They are not used to connect the same devices. Like using an HDMI v1 cable on a 4K HDR 120 fps gaming rig, it won’t work the way you want it to.
Finally a feature has arrived with yesterday's iOS 17.2 on the 15 Pro Max. This is an announced feature that I really wanted. The ability to shoot 3D video.

I have long been a 3D enthusiast and have several 3D TV's and a 3D projector in my home. Apple iphone has always been able to display SBS 3D since my iphone 6 but never able to shoot it. Now it can shoot it.

Interesting that Apple claims you can't watch the new 3D video until you buy their Vision Pro to be released next year for a very high price. However, using an feature on the Meta Quest HMD, 3D video files should be able to be transferred to the Quest and viewed there just like any other 3D non VR. The feature is not VR or 360 3D from the iphone but it is 3D.

Most likely, Apple will have a slicker way with their Vision Pro HMD to watch video streamed from the iphone Pro Max direct as opposed to needing to transfer the file to an HMD like the Meta Quest. I would not be surprised if 3rd party app developers make a way to stream the content to the Meta Quest as well.
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Let us know if it works! It would be nice to be able to shoot in 3D and watch on a 3D TV set!
Let us know if it works! It would be nice to be able to shoot in 3D and watch on a 3D TV set!
Spent quite a bit of time today developing a pathway of the 3D spatial video test clip into my Meta Quest3. But it is 2D. I did some digging into the mov video file and it appears to be using a special codec to save file size space making it incompatible with standard SBS 3D video format. Leave it to Apple to make life difficult.

Step 1 is the process to get the file to the Meta Quest 3.
Copy the video clip in the photos and video section on the iphone to a folder in the files app. Here I can upload the clip to Drop box and then I downloaded it to my PC. Once here I can upload it to YouTube which has an app for YouTube VR on the Meta Quest 3.

Step 2 is going to take some conversion. I'm looking into ffmpeg which is a command line file conversion tool. Hugh Hou an old 3D friend has developed the command line for conversion to SBS 3D from the Apple MV-HEVC file. He claims this will make the Apple spatial 3D video file compatible with the Meta Quest 3 as well as any traditional 3D TV. as well as YouTube 3D. No need to buy the Apple Vision Pro for $3500.

If that doesn't work there is also a company that makes an app and conversion system that will display the 3D as a passthrough right on the iphone as opposed to 2D. But that is not my goal. I don't mind shooting with the view in 2D as long as later on I can view it in the MetaQuest 3 in 3D or play the file on my 3D home theater projector. The good news on this app and device is it is only $80. As I understand it is just a passthrough and does not save the file as a SBS 3D. It's kind of weird as it uses glasses and two remote controllers left and right to display in SBS 3D on the iphone.
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Lots of trial and error before I got it working. No need to spend $3500 for the Apple Vision Pro.

Workflow involved converting the iphone spatial video to SBS in the iphone before transferring to the PC. I could never get ffmpeg code to work on this Apple video file. But there is an old spatial conversion to 3D SBS or Over Under that does work converting the meta data Apple uses to create the depth. The trick then is selecting the right aspect ratio to display in the Meta Quest 3 VR and not be all distorted. I did the conversion 6 times before zeroing in on the right aspect ratio for the Meta Quest 3. Once I figured that conversion out the 3D was perfect. Plus the quality is even better than on my old 1080 x1920 3D TV.

I was also able to view the test on my iphone after the conversion using a little 3D clip on lens attachment called Humaneyes. I've used these for years to view SBS 3D on my phone. Once the Apple spatial 3D video is converted into SBS it can be viewed directly right after shooting. But when you shoot the video it only displays in 2D.
This is the little lens attachment (old image) that turns any phone with full screen into a 3D viewer:
2022-01-19 11.44.06.jpg
Marques Brownlee discusses taking Spatial Video with the iPhone 15 Pro and viewing the results on the Vision Pro. Some interesting points on why Apple requires landscape orientation and also why the previous Pro models can’t be used to shoot 3D.
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I shot quite a bit of 3D video with the iphone 15 Pro Max last weekend on the cruise.

I really put it to the test.

Compatible 3D that can be viewed on traditional 3D TV sets that were popular about 10 years ago can be viewed and the 3D depth is very accurate. Apple really did a great job on this.

While I don't have an AVP and have no plans to buy one, the MetaQuest 3 can also convert the Apple Spatial video and audio in the iphone 15 Meta Quest app while it uploads your video to the Files 3D Spatial folder. I only saw one issue and that is there appears to be a maximum recording time for these conversions. I managed to upload a 14 minute program to the Meta Quest 3 and it looks fine. Quality is quite good.

I just connected my Meta Quest 3 to my iphone with a USB C cable.

For You Tube I used the Spatialify 3rd party app to convert to Half Side By Side and then that was uploaded. Again there was a size limit to save the file when converted. The longest clip I could do was 24 minutes. But I just sliced up my 54 minute Hiro 3D SBS into 3 parts and then later frame matched edited them together in Adobe Premiere before uploading to You Tube. I don't know if You Tube keeps the 3D meta data for Meta quest or not. However, there are ways in the Meta Quest to view SBS in 3D. Not sure if AVP can do that or not.

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