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Jun 26, 2006
Travelers Rest SC
Still love it, but Brian does it have a CMOS battery, or just rely on capcitors for back up? Reason I asked is the memory has been erased the last few times the power was out. This time I unplugged it to paint and when I went to use it, I sent it from 99W to 95W. All was fine until the dish flopped. Luckily no damage, but this ids the third time the asc1 has lost it's mind. Any Suggestions? never bothered with the hard limits because I can only see from 91 to 113W.
The user settings are written to flash.

Likely the power is being interrupted during the reboot and the connected STB is calling out a GoTo command while the ASC1 logic is interrupted. The ASC1 may be responding to the STB goto callout and the dish be moving when the power is momentarily interrupted. When ASC1 logic is restored, the reference position will be incorrect and the movement will be based on an incorrect start count

Example the power is flickering as it is restored. Some STBs call out signal path commands while rebooting, other STBs only call out if the satellite signal is not present xx seconds after it reboots.

Suggestion, plug the STB and ASC1 into a UPS. ALWAYS set mechanical Limits... ALWAYS!!! If the STB has an option to reboot to last viewed channel, select this option.
Thanks Brian, I use it as a stand alone mover. No STB connected. I did set the hard limits today, witch I know I should have done along time ago. I think the UPS is the way to go and will. It's just weird that once in a blue moon it looses the positions when I remove the power. Has happened 3 times in 5 years but the other 100 times power has been removed it has been fine. Not complaining, just wondering why it does it sometimes.
It is still the best mover around!