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Aug 9, 2004
I feel it is time to bring something to everyone’s attention. Also everyone needs to be reminded that SatelliteGuys has never, does not and will never condone hacking of any kind on this site.

I am quite aware of the fact that there are very slim pickings right now, when it comes to shopping for a TRUE FTA receiver that is geared toward the NA market. So this leads all of us to look at everything that is out there. I am also very aware of that fact that 99% of all FTA receivers can be fixed with firmware, hardware, etc. to steal pay TV. So I am very lenient when it comes to posting and talking about the many different receivers out there. It would be like an automobile forum, not allowing talk about cars because they could be modified to exceed the speed limit. There would be no forum! However, some receivers are just plain designed and marketed for TOS(Theft Of Service). You may get one and it will work for the most part on a fixed dish system. When you try to get switch commands to work or USALS or DiSEqC 1.2, you will find that they don’t work. Most receivers are sold by a reseller, who has no control and often no interest or knowledge about the functions or features. It is very rare to be able to work with an international seller(distributor/broker/reseller) to fix problems. The resellers selling these units are selling them for one reason. They are selling them to the crowd that steals pay TV services. They do not care that your USALS motor does not work with it. All these guys see are dollar $igns. So they hear about this, do some limited research and then buy a pallet of receivers, put in the hacking firmware and sell them to NA.

When one of you come across a receiver you have never heard of, do a little research. Google can tell you a lot. You can just type in the receiver name and model number. If it is a hot hacker box you will get many results that lead to hacking websites. I sure would not go and register and any of those places, but you can quickly skim over and see if it is heavily discussed at those places. Yes, you will find some of the same boxes that people use here. Again though, if you use a little common sense and read around you will be able to figure out, it may not be a good idea to post about that particular receiver here.

Also something else that needs to be addressed. It used to be that if one did want to hack pay TV they had to find and download a hacked firmware. Figure out how to hook a cable to their computer, etc. (Yes, I am being purposely vague) It has gotten to the point now that these shady sellers are selling many receivers now with built in hack decoding capabilities. One needs to be very aware of this. When you are on a satellite and all of a sudden you think something is in the clear. It may not be! It may be that your receiver is hacking all by itself. So be very aware of this if you decide to run to the “what’s up there” forum and post about something new being in the clear.
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