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Feb 27, 2010
24 hrs at Daytona is in 1.5 weeks. Should be fun. Indycar is flirting with a hybrid. IMSA's hybrid will be in its second season, so experimenting will begin. NASCAR returns to IMS "oval" as Penske opens the track to all comers... and hopefully unshredded tires. Will Sparklefarts return to the podium?

I've got The 4 hrs Pilot Challenge and Indycar at Mid-Ohio with it's newly paved surface. In between will be IMSA's six hours at The Glen. Finish off the in person attendance and photograph orgy at The IMS for the six hour IMSA event in September.

Auto racing is fighting for its life. F1 is beloved but the likes of Indycar, IMSA, and NASCAR struggle to remain relevant. Indycar and IMSA at least have a great formula down.

But the fun starts in Daytona
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Cadillac was cruising until it wasn't, putting Bourdais, Palou, Dixon, out of the race. Penske's Porsche was able to hold on for a close finish. Acura (with Herta) finish 3rd.

Rasmussen who took the NXT title last year helped lead his team to the LMP2 victory. Noah Siegel, another young prospect had the opposite fortune, with their car stuck in the pit for quite a long while.

Action was up and down during the race. Good start to the year.
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I don't get to much. Last was I-500 in '08; was in the stands across from end of the pits and didn't even notice the exiting tangle with Danica for several seconds as I was watching pit action. Then saw her marching up the pit lane to confront her blindsider. This was the year of ethanol; the Corvette pace cars were a bright lime green.
I kind of want to get to the 500, but not unless it is Turn One. Otherwise, television is a much better want to watch it. The IMSA event last year was awesome at IMS as it is General Admission, and an open paddock. Not everywhere is open, but what is open, you can sit, and the entire infield area is accessible! You'll be walking around a bit, but it is great to be able to view the racing and driving from many vantage points. And obviously, the ability to take photography from several spots is real nice.
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If you're only watching NASCAR and the high-dollar open-wheel stuff, you're not seeing it all.
Technically this is an auto-racing thread, so NASCAR could be considered off-topic. :D

Generally I'm watching Indycar and IMSA. IMSA provides for lots of passing and multiple classes with many different car set ups. They by default allow lots of up close access to the cars at the venues which is fun. Indycar has a competitive set up and is fun to watch, and those cars are stoked! F1 bores me to tears. Best cars, best drivers, but somehow so boring!

There are plenty of other series, but only so much time.

They said it was a record attendance for the Rolex 24, which is great. Hoping the GTP make a comeback to Mid-Ohio next season.
Daytona 500 didn't end with a parade of endless wrecks yesterday.

But that might be because it rain yesterday and the race was postponed. Rain... the reason why I don't try to see Indy in person.

According to this, five drivers will be doing both races, or at least attempting too. 800 miles, while a silly tri-oval, still, that's a lot of driving. Luckily temps are relatively low... well luckily as far as exhaustion is concerned. Tire grip could be something else.
Now the Xfinity race is set to start at 9 PM after Daytona. Those poor guys.

51 degrees at start time.
One day they'll catch on that they can't race three wide like that

One day.
Mears catching up to Johncock was just two cars, and a lot more exciting. Two cars side by side is great.

These three wide, way too close, macroscopic springs with the inevitable crashes that randomly take out whomever is less exciting and more frustrating.

Might as well do a lottery instead.
Mears catching up to Johncock was just two cars, and a lot more exciting.
The lengths they have to go to top the excitement in the intervening 40 years ago is always increasing.

Look at ice skating where women are now doing triples and men are doing quads. Ice skaters are crashing a lot more than they used to as well.
Driving two trains, can keep it together. Driving three, falls apart, and the ending was just about as anti-climatic as it can be. The cars are simply too close in three columns. Which is fine, until someone wants to pass.

Bubba Wallace finished 5th thanks to the parade that bowed out in front of him.

WEC will be available with the B/R add on for $10 a month. Tĥis includes Le Mans which is on MotorTrend TV as well. Not certain if they'll have all the in car cams on Max that are on MotorTrend.
Max B/R said:
The B/R Sports Add-on is available to all Max subscribers on us for a limited time. After the promotional period ends, you may be able to add the B/R Sports Add-on for an additional charge. Base subscription will be required. Pricing and availability of the B/R Sports Add-on after the promotional period will vary by subscription provider. Check back here for more info in the coming months.
Thanks! Maybe have an answer that is useful some time soon? Dubai is this weekend, so hopefully get that in. With the schedule as is, $10 per race seems a little steep in this super cheapo world. Might pick and choose from the schedule. If I'm even able to add it.

Sunday Ticket litigation

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