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Sep 8, 2003
for the past 3 or 4 day now autologin to the site no longer works. I am using the same version of Ie explorer 6.0.2800 with all currrent updates installed, set to accept cookies. checked the box to sign in auto eachtime. Any ideas for a fix? I would rather not delete all cookies and history but will try that as a last resort

This never worked for me when I use IE. Always worked when I use Netscape. I have the same cookie setting on both.

Both work OK with other sites.
Try logging in then logging out, hopefully that will delete the bad cookie.

If that does not work look through your cookies and delete the cookies. (You do not need to delete all the cookies just the ones with listed)

That should take care of it. :)

I actually started having this problem last night on another site and that site has been running great for me for a long time.
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