Bad Installer steals underwear

Tahoerob said:
First of all YUCK!!
Second, he kept them all in a duffle bag!?!?!

Third, the home owners must also be slimy pigs for leaving the stuff lying around! :shocked
Receivers are often installed in bedrooms or other places where women would keep their pretties. And running wires can give an excuse to be crawling around the house. All he would have to do is wait for the victim not to be watching him.

Moral: Watch your installer ... perhaps you'll learn a bit about satellite TV, perhaps you'll get to keep your stuff.

Officers executing a search warrant discovered a duffel bag containing...10 homemade videotapes...

I bet their are some embarressed couples out there. What a pervert.

When the installer came out to put in our satellite system, he encouraged us to pay attention to what he was doing and explained every step (when he was inside, that is).

Stories like this give installers a bad name.


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