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Mar 14, 2004
I would like to switch from Dish to Direct TV. I currently have two Dish 500 dishes installed (for 3 satellites). Do they have to be taken down and replaced with a Direct TV dish? Would this usually be done as part of "free installation" if I order a new subscriber Direct TV receiver with inatallation? Or will I have to take the old ones down myself?
I will replace my old Dishplayer 7200 with a Direct TV TIVO receiver. Anything else I should be considering?
You could use one of the 500's for Direct 101 if your locals are on the main satellite. I would ask them to give you a triple LNB DirecTV dish. It should be included with installation if you are a new customer. They should also take down your extra dish.

I switched in November and am very happy with two DirecTivos. I still have a Dishplayer gathering dust in the basement.

I am getting a DirecTV HD receiver and a 4x8 multiswitch for $99.00 from DirecTV later this week. :)
Phil T get that Dishplayer out of the basement and onto Ebay it is worth about $300 now after DISH swaps cards it mignt not be worth anything, especially seeing inactive receivers will not get new cards free.
I just switched to Directv (not installed yet) through Value Electronics and I am a new customer and they sent me a 18x20 3LNB dish. I paid extra and got a 5x8 switch too because I am going to have a HD Tivo, SD Tivo and a regular receiver. So if you are new you might as well get the new Directv dish too!

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