Had charter installed today



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Mar 19, 2006
Central San Joaquin Valley,CA.
Glad it worked out. But for the record, nobody, not even Charter, broadcasts any channels in 1080p. Your TV is upconverting 480p, 720p or 1080i to 1080p. Supposedly, a new DVR interface is in the works, but it will probably be years from now, if it ever happens at all.

Incidentally, my 60/4 recently got bumped up the 64/5 which is enough to make my slingbox work a lot better.

Yes this Charter Spectrum Cable HDDVR is a beast,it only has dual tuners and a 500GB HDD,but it can do 7.1 audio if setup by the cable company to do,right now it's setup to do 5.1.

The box can output 1080p/25/30/60 or you can set the output setting to "native",right now it's setup for 1080p/60 because that's the only setting that will upconvert all the incoming signals.

The box can do a MoCA network if the cable company sets it up to do this,it's a Motorola DCX3510 and it has the iguide which is alot like the old dish guide and tivo.

Press the guide button once for the channel grid guide,or press the guide button twice for a channel list guide,setting up a favorites list is a PIA and I do not recommend it.

My Charter Spectrum Internet has been doing a faster speedtest than the 60/4 that I am paying to get lately also and it's nice to have the faster speeds for sure.


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Feb 11, 2005
Suburbs of Milwaukee
Yeah, I've managed to keep my Silver discount a couple of times as well. But I'll probably just drop cable TV next time around. PS Vue + OTA has just about everything I've got now for a fraction of the price.

I was wondering what you had done and was going to do long term, since you no longer use your PC HD DVR. The sling option or even the new soon to be Directv option look very good. In time, I may be heading that direction as well.


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Dec 5, 2014
As a former TWC subscriber, Charter scares me. Their lack of support for whole house DVRs and DVRs with more than 2 tuners is troubling. They nixed Time Warner’s Maxx initiative mid-deployment. NYC, LA, Hawaii, Texas and the Carolinas got it, a small portion of upstate NY got it before the merger was officially complete and days later they halted expansion. I’d have a 350Mb connection right now if Charter hadn’t taken over. No more included International calling to the EU on the phone service, no more free previews of the sports subscription packages. Not sure if the free previews for the movie channels are gone, as I have them all. Every October for the past handful of years, Time Warner had a month long free preview of TV Japan HD, which has some of the best picture quality I have ever seen from any cable or satellite provider. Not this year.

While my area is still branded Time Warner for the time being, last week we got a taste of Charter when they came out with the Ultra 100 speed tier for customers who are on the newer CMTS units that were put in place for Maxx and are bonding more than 8 channels downstream. I guess this is the boobie prize for no 300Mb service. Upload will be increased to 10Mb (probably 12 over provisioned) early 2017 to match legacy Charter systems.


At least they’re still over provisioning the modem config file by 25%, resulting in getting exactly 2 times the speed I had when I was under the Time Warner Ultimate 50 plan, which gave me 62Mb real world. One of the people at the local TWC office is going above and beyond, and is digging hard into letting me keep my TV and phone services under TWC plans, so I don’t lose the advantages, especially the 6 tuner DVR, while retaining the new Charter internet plan.