Bad multi-switch?

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Jun 29, 2004
Hello everyone I'm new here and I think this is a great site. I have a round dual lnb dish. I have had one box hooked to this dish since I purchased it (3 years ago). Recently purchased a hugh's dvr box through Directv (installation included). Service man delivered and hooked up box. Everything works just fine on both lines. Decided to add a multi-switch and eventually put a box in each bedroom so I can get rid of cable. Purchased on-line a perfect vision powered 8 way multi switch. Installed the switch running 2 lines in and 2 lines out to the dvr. Now I get the "searching for signal" message on one of the lines all the time. I will get most of the channels in on that line but a few I don't. I am not getting a good signal or no signal at all on some of the transponders. I reset the box with no change at all. I have called directv to no avail. I bypassed the box and all is normal again so obviously my dish is o.k. my wiring is o.k. and the box is o.k. I must note that it is a 100' run on both lines from the dish to the multi-switch plus another 12' to the box. I figure either the box is bad or a 100' foot run on both lines to the switch is too far considering the signal is getting split 8 ways? I could use some opinions here. thanks everyone
Please reply by conversation.

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