Bailing on VOOM? - DON'T DO IT!


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Nov 28, 2003
Subject: Re: Bailing on VOOM! - DON'T DO IT !!!!

I hope there aren't too many others who follow your philosophy (see clip below). If everybody bailed saying "I'll check back next year" there won't be a
next year. Us early adopters need to tough it out and support VOOM
or we're all going to be back to our old providers with 4 or 5 HD
channels. This is our cause here. If they can't keep us "stalwarts"
(grin) it's going to mean back to conformity...... :no

Say the following in a slow robotic trance tone ....

....Yes, Mr. Muuurdock, I'll watch whateeeeever youuuu waaaaant .....

Sean, I'm dissapointed in you... Hang in here with us... Don't
jump...... :(


--- In, "iwantmyhdtv37" <iwantmyhdtv37@y...>
> Hopefully VOOM will come of age by next year 'cause I'm gonna miss
> some of those exclusive channels and Discovery HD.
I am personally planning to hang in there. I still get more HD on Voom than I would with anyone else. But it would help if we got word from Voom on what they are doing or planning to do about outstanding issues.
Yeah, Sean, hang in there, baby.

I've thought since my beginning with VOOM in Feb that you were spreading yourself very thin trying to help solve everyone's problems (including mine) and I doubted if you even had much time to actually enjoy the HD picture quality the rest of us were watching while you putting forth such an invaluable effort to promote VOOM.

It may be a little late but "don't burn yourself out" we want you with us. ;)
I'm hanging in there until they get MPeg4 up and running, then we'll see what changes take place. If none, or it gets worse, I'm then leaving. I really hope VOOM pulls thru this one, and gets us what we all had before back! Great PQ, and more HD than anyone else can offer!
No complaints from here. I was gone over Easter weekend, so I guess I missed all the excitement. I believe Voom will work out the kinks, so I'm in for the long haul. True, there have been some problems, but they seem to get worked out. Part of the attraction is being able to participate in this forum. There are a lot of helpful, genuinely nice people that frequent the forum. It is my first choice for problem resolution and questions.

Personally, I have seen all of the reported problems, but none of them have caused me more than an occasional "what was that?" type of reaction. I have the original STB that I got at installation in December, and have had only 1 lockup, which was easily fixed by the old on/off. Overall quality has been excellent.

As of now, there is no thread for Colorado Voomers, so maybe I'm flying solo in Voomland out here, but my reception is very good, and the signal is strong. During some freaky snow/blizzard conditions last night, there was no loss of Voom signal whatsoever.

Sean could take a vacation and come and see what it is like outside of New York. For that matter, anyone who reads this is welcome to come and see the reception. Ax murderers and pedophiles need not reply.
Glad to see your hanging tough Sean
Voom is supposed to come out today and switchout the STB so maybe I wont lose my signal so often ( I hope)
also they will check to see if I need a different Ant. ( only getting one local channel now even tho I have the ant. on a tower 45 feet in the air ( I am to scared to climb any higher) and the voom guy would not climb the tower at all :(
hope all bugs get worked out soon !!
From YahooGroops this morning:

A bit of an update on this whole PQ issue and a few facts amongst the fiction;
I think all know that we've been doing encoder upgrades, those are progressing and have now hit most of the transponders, I think all also know that, since I've said it all along, all the transponders were and have been loaded as if all signals were on from day one--with duplicates where we didn't have the rights to put up certain feeds. What that means is that any added services have had *zero* impact on existing services.
I think that we, as we hit critical mass on the encoder upgrades, may have hit a line where whatever's wrong is, generally but not uniformly, visible to many of you.
I also think, based on some testing over the last week, since this started to become a more universal experience, that we may have discovered what is wrong and why-we'll get the testing done and make the changes carefully.

This has nothing to do with any plans for migration of services.
This has nothing to do with any "now that they're paying" bait and switch.
This has nothing to do with any long range plans to reduce any aspect of the service.

More as I get it.

the "have not hit most of the transponders" should be "have now hit most of the transponders" as Wilt made the correction. Thanks.
Guys, I've been out of town for a few days. So, what have I missed? :shocked

The PQ hasn't changed since last week. The same occasional pixelation as before. Wilt and Co. know of this problem and are working on fixing it. I'm sure it will be taken care of. I know that VOOM can look much better (I've seen it in the past), and I am also sure it will again! I don't see any reason to panic at this point, we've been through tougher times...

Sean, I really hope you simply had a bad day... ;)

P.S. I am deleting Wilt's quote, since there is a separate thread about it.
I am going to stick with VOOM ....but I really dont watch the HD movie ch's that VOOM has offered. My kids watch Nick ....and my wife watches QVC and locals on cable...and I watch ESPN on cable. Love that playoff hockey. All those HD ch's ...really not much to watch.

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