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The controller of BBC Two has said he wants it to be the first mainstream TV channel to appear on broadband.

Roly Keating revealed his vision of an online BBC Two mixing "simulcast programming" and "comprehensive catch-up" in a speech to TV executives.

He said the channel would be "in the front line" of launching on broadband.

A pilot will be unveiled next year along with further trials of MyBBCPlayer, which will allow viewers to legally download BBC programmes.

Mr Keating said the move to broadband would require the channel to be "far more open and connective than we've ever been before".

He said: "A broadband channel could of course offer simulcast programming and the kind of comprehensive catch-up currently being piloted in the BBC Player tests.

"But there's more to it than that, and you'll see our first steps on this journey next year.

Simulcast planned

"Whatever the broadband revolution means for audiences and channels in the future, we intend to be there, in the front line."

Mr Keating was speaking at a conference organised by industry magazine Broadcast.

A BBC Two spokeswoman said that any move to broadband would be "subject to the necessary approvals and consents".

"This would include the approval of the BBC governors," she said.

A simulcast of BBC One or BBC Two, letting UK viewers see programmes on the web at the same time as they go out on TV, is planned as part of the programme download trials.

Selected viewers are already testing the download technology as part of the Integrated Media Player trial.

BBC Two will also become the first of the five main channels to become digital-only in the weeks immediately before analogue broadcast signals are turned off in regions across the UK.

The change to digital will take place, region by region, between 2008-2012.

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