Hughesnet 9200 Modem TX10 Error


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Apr 20, 2011
I had a couple of calls for service in HN9200 systems this week. When arrived at home I found Lan, Power and Receive lights on Transmit and system lights off.
I checked System Control center and I saw the receive signal was 93 but and TX10 error and red light.

First thinking this was caused by a bad radio and before replacing it I went to the Installer registration and went all the way trough. When I got back to the computer I saw system light was off and same TX10 error on the System Control page.

Before going to the roof again I just went to the advanced page and force range the system. This was the solution for this problem.

On second call I went directly to force range the system and fix the problem in less than 10 minutes inside the customer's house.

I hope this help somebody on the field.
Ranging problems can also be ZIP code related, especially for folks who live out in the boonies. When using the ZIP code method, the lat/lon of the post office building is used. That's why I recommend (a) GPS coordinates or (b) a known good lat/lon of the dish - instead of the ZIP code.


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