Bell Atlantic video services?

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Sep 18, 2003
My Mother has an elderly freind nextdoor that has her directv through Bell Atlantic which I think now is Verizon. She gets her bill from directv and it has a $5.99 rental fee on it.

She has had this service for the past 3 years now and her equipment is outdated. She requires an 18"x20" dish and a multisat receiver. Her son is now living with her and I see 2 options,but I have some question's.

1) Who handle's this service Verizon or Directv? I checked both websites and their is no mention of this.

2) Will whoever handles this service upgrade her equipment to receive locals?


3) Can she cancel her service and have her son buy a new system as a new subscriber and get off that rental plan?

I would like to see them do #3, because I can get them a new 2 room system and 18"x20" dish free with 3 months HBO ($20 shipping).
In order for him to get a new subscriber promotion he would have to change the name, address, and phone number on the account and the phone line that would be connected to the receiver would have to match what is on the account if it were needed to be connected.

DirecTv probably has upgrade offers to get the dish required for the local channels. I would call DirecTv up at 1-800-DIRECTV and ask them about these things.
Please reply by conversation.

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